UCB Asia Pacific/About Us

Roly (from In the Gap Ministries) and Grant joining our PNG team for church

Hello there, We are

United Christian Broadcasters Asia Pacific

But you can call us UCB.

We’re part of the global family of United Christian Broadcasters International Ltd.  that traces it roots back to the 60’s and one bloke in New Zealand with a crazy idea.

Then in 1988 another bloke with an equally crazy idea started UCB Australia. Today UCB Australia is known as Vision Christian Media but they are still very much part of who we are and what we do.

You can read all about our history here

UCB has always tried to be open and generous with sharing what we have and what we’ve learned. That’s why we are in so many countries.

The whole point of UCB Asia Pacific is to take what we’ve learned here in Australia (and around the world) and help groups around the Asia Pacific region get their own media ministry up and running successfully.

Likewise our sister ministry UCB UK look after Europe and Africa, and UCB USA (who go by the name The Dove)  look after North and South America.

We currently have eight national projects at various states of operation. And while that is about all we can handle right now we are always interested to hear about new opportunities.

We definitely try to work in partnership with others. YWAM, Youth For Christ, Reach Beyond, MAF, GRN are some of the international ministries we work with. And then there are individuals, businesses and smaller ministries too, like In The Gap, or our mate Owen who’s given us hundreds of hours of labour or Baker Renewable Energy, Tropic Print – the list goes on and on.

We realise there are some great people and ministries out there doing important Kingdom work and God loves it when we work together.

We are all about helping local teams of people provide their communities with quality, trusted Christian media (particularly radio) so God can use this powerful medium to Change Lives for Good.

Latest News & Updates

An increase for 2021

We are excited and encouraged by the positive response to the launch of The Word for Today in 2020. So for 2021, thanks to your support we've been able to increase our print run to over 17,000 copies across 7 nations in the Pacific. The new books are being printed and...

The Word for Today now on air and online in Tetun

Our team at Radio Voz in Timor Leste have a new website - but that's not what this story is about. As part of their website we gave them The Word for Today - with each new devotional automatically publishing each day.  But for many Timorese English is a second...

Vanuatu Team registered

We're excited that our team in Vanuatu are now fully registered with the Vanuatu Government as a not-for-profit association. This is a huge step forward as we work towards establishing a flourishing and effective radio ministry in Vanuatu. Already they are keen to...

Still bringing hope

At our staff meeting last week Aimee shared from Psalm 138:2 For You have magnified Your word above all Your name. This is a great reminder about how important God’s Word is – and why we are so passionate about getting it out through the airwaves. Speaking of The...

Tetun News Added

Our team in Timor-Leste have really taken hold of their new website. www.radiovoz895.com They've already added a news feed in the local Tetun language as they saw there is a need. They were also keen to ask for a 'Social Share' option so that visitors to their site...

Changed Lives

Salvation from hearing

Radio Voz (Timor-Leste) has a program called Jerasaun Los Nasaun Diak (JLND). The program also conducts outdoor events, namely gathering young people from churches, to conduct a kind of revival meeting. There was a young boy named Fridonia who attended this program...

This is a miracle baby

Seven years ago Elisa was a die-hard listener for Laif FM. She called me telling me she needs prayer cause her husband is threatening to get another wife because she can't bear him a child. "Wow" I told her all things are possible to God in Mark 10:27. So, I invited...

A taxi driver – his friends, fares and family…

It is encouraging to know that many more people are becoming aware of Laef FM 93.5 on air in Honiara, Solomon Islands Allen, pictured here, drives a local taxi and he transported Coxwain (our Board Member) up to the Ebenezer house last week to try to get the radio...

Laef FM is changing lives in Taro

Mike* is a married person from another Island province. He resides with his wife in Honiara but as time goes, they started to have quarrels. It was not long before Mike resorted to drugs and locally brewed alcohol. His life was in a mess. He had other plans-to sell...

Ramesh from Jhapa

Praise the Lord! My name is Ramesh and I'm from Jhapa (Eastern part of Nepal). Currently, I am working in Malaysia. I am so grateful for The Word for Today, we are so blessed to hear this audio and sharing with my friends also. I am very much thankful to the Lord and...