Name Above All Names

Feb 8, 2023

Jesus Name

Let me tell you about Jesus!

Not one single person has made a greater contribution to world history than Jesus.

H.G.Wells, the great English novelist, whose five volumes on “World History” graces the shelves of almost every learning institute, gave more space to Jesus Christ than to anyone else.


Jesus’ life and His teachings guide cultures, countries and nations.


He has inspired more music; more books, more literature and more theatre than any other individual who has walked the face of our planet.

More hospitals, orphanages, old age care homes and rescue missions have been dedicated to Jesus Christ than to ALL other religious leaders combined.

Even though followers are scattered across all corners of the planet, they carry the message of Good News – not for money, not for reward or title, but purely out of a devotion to Jesus.

Jesus said in the book of John, Chapter 14

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.”

The God we serve has a huge resume.  BTW, did you know that at His name…. demons tremble?

Lay that over your situation and bring it into perspective.  Goliath may come out screaming every day, but Jesus is way more powerful than him. In fact, He has already won the battle!

Mark & Cindy

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