We are all being discipled by somebody or something

Jan 11, 2023

Potters Hands

There are so many influencing factors in our everyday lives that either help or hinder how we do life.  These mostly come from 3 main areas –

  1. Our environment (where we live, how we were raised, the country where we were born, the culture we live and engage in.)
  2. Our experiences (good, bad, sad, happy, what we love and don’t like.)
  3. Our relationships (who speaks into our lives, what we’re taught, what we believe and don’t believe, our heroes and understandings.)

All of these things, plus more, steadily shape our beliefs and responses.  We invite them into our thoughts, discussions and values.  It gradually moulds and shapes the person we become.  Like clay on the potter’s wheel, what we use to establish “who we are” does eventually become something – whether we like it or not, it forms us.


The scriptures are full of reminders to encourage us to IMITATE Christ.  Mould our lives around His teachings.  Learn to follow His pattern.

1 Peter 2:21​ says

To this you were called because Christ suffered ​for you, leaving you an example, ​that you should follow in his steps.​


Who are you following?

Mark & Cindy

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