82 Islands , including several volcanoes, spread over 12,300 km2 make up The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, the New Hebrides or, as we call it today, Vanuatu.

Bilslama is the national language (similar to pidgin) however French and English are also commonly spoken – which one is spoken depends on where you are in Vanuatu.

Laef FM

Our radio ministry here is in its infancy. UCB Vanuatu was initially established a number of years ago and once ran an effective and popular station in the capital of Port Vila. But unfortunately the ministry has gradually run down over the years to where we now find ourselves in a rebuilding stage.

The good news is, we have made a fresh start with the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) and we already have a number of small stations on air bringing Christian radio to new communities for the very first time.  

In this developing nation, grid electricity is still unavailable in many places. However, the recent advances in solar technology have enabled us to install our first ever two standalone, solar powered radio stations. This is an exciting development and their success opens many new and exciting opportunities. They are proving the only radio service able to be received by the people living in these communities!

We are looking forward to re-establishing studio facilities and high powered FM services to better serve the 280,000 wonderful people who call these beautiful tropical Islands ‘home’.

Our UCB Vanuatu team

 We don’t officially have a team yet but this is the team in Tanna who helped us put on Laef FM in Lenakel.

 if you’re interested in helping out please get in touch with us today.