You can Give Now via Internet Banking

ANZ Bank BSB: 014-279

Account No: 418669991

Ref ‘your name’ + ‘UCB Donation’ or confirm by sending us an email. You can also specify which project you wish to support.

At present donations are not tax deductible.


Funds come from friends

Every time you give to Vision Christian Media you are also supporting our Christian broadcasting projects around the world.

 to Vision Christian Media

10% (a tithe) of all Vision’s non specified donations is put aside to help grow the overall ministry of Christian media in the Asia Pacific region. UCB Asia Pacific manages most of that spend. That way the team at Vision Christian Media can get on with the day to day running of their Australia-wide ministry.

All donations to Vision Christian Media are tax deductible for Australian tax payers, but at present UCB Asia Pacific does not hold DGR status.

So every time you give to Vision Christian Media you are actually making a difference for people throughout the Asia Pacific region as well.

You can support UCB Asia Pacific directly (non tax deductible) through Internet Banking as mentioned above.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry.

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