Encouragement at an Engagement

Aug 12, 2022


Kathrine is a radio listener but rarely listens. But one day she heard the Voz Crista program in the prayer segment she was touched. Finally, we met on Facebook. Long story short, she asked me to attend her engagement ceremony and asked me to convey a short Verse of God’s Word and lead the prayer at their engagement event.

While delivering God’s Word, the two big families thought that I was a catholic priest and they asked me who I really was. And I introduced myself that I was a Radio Voz announcer and introduced Radio Voz to the two families. The thing that made them curious was when I led the prayer, which was very different from the prayer that is often said in the Catholic church. Praise God the engagement event went smoothly with a distinct and meaningful spiritual scent.

Station Manager – Radio Voz

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