Following and obeying Christ

Aug 30, 2022

I have been a Christian for quite a long time but along the way, I had experienced a number of challenges in my life.
As a mother, I have to care for my family and home and as a Senior Nurse, I have to fulfill my duty at the hospital as a public servant.
Life is a combination of challenges and blessings.
In 2021, I got a copy of The Word for Today and began faithfully reading and meditating through it each day.
What I found was that each time I read the book, it seem to speak directly to me and my situation.
The words and Scripture passages in each day, appear to be speaking to me and my life situation.
Through the daily readings, I was greatly encouraged and motivated to follow and obey Christ. I can sense a big difference in my life. I began to faithfully attend Church and prayer meetings. I began to be involved in Mission outreaches. I was confident to share God’s Word and even testify about Christ to other people. My desire is to know more about God and to serve Him.
The Word for Today has really helped me in my Spiritual and Christian journey and is a real blessing!

Mercie Idufo’oa – Solomon Islands

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