Impact in Asia

Apr 7, 2021

I would like to illustrate the way God uses Medialight’s holistic spirituality/media training with a recent development in the Philippines. Our parent non-profit Emerge Missions, funds a 10,000 child outreach to the poorest of Manila’s squatter communities on the Southside of town. Lockdowns have prevented the ministry from actually meeting with the kids all year. They were allowed to deliver life-sustaining food, but not to meet for discipleship, bible study, prayer or leadership development. The ministry is built on kids mentoring other kids younger than themselves so the strict lockdown mandates have become a major problem to the ministry.

Two years ago, we took one of their workers, Victor Luciano, to Medialight for training.  A few months ago, in Manila, he met with the other kids to decide how to tackle the problems being created by the lockdown requirements and they decided to launch an hour long TV show for Kids on Facebook! Visit their page here

I think they have done an amazing job with just a green screen, entry-level DSLR camera and a laptop! The actors and show hosts are all kids from the barrio with no previous training. Victor has taken his Medialight training and multiplied it by raising up a production team of kids to teach the Bible, cast a vision of a blessed life, and call barrio kids to repentance.  It’s one of the most inspiring things to happen in a long time, but its indicative of what many of our grads do after school.

I want to thank you on behalf of the 40 nations into which UCB Asia Pacific has sown trained leaders by supporting the onward development of Medialight as a regional training centre, churning out new leaders for the church as it faces the digital age.

Chuck Quinley
Founder Medialight

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