A taxi driver – his friends, fares and family…

May 11, 2020

It is encouraging to know that many more people are becoming aware of Laef FM 93.5 on air in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Allen, pictured here, drives a local taxi and he transported Coxwain (our Board Member) up to the Ebenezer house last week to try to get the radio back on air. As they were on our way, Coxwain introduced him to Laef FM and that day, he tuned in to the frequency on his car FM radio.

Since that day he is locked onto the station and not only that but he has also introduced Laef FM to his family members, relatives and other Taxi Drivers who live and work in town.

While Coxwain and he were on our way to the airport the other day to freight another carton of The Word for Today to Taro he said that a number of his passengers asked him about Laef FM 93.5 as they listened to it in his car.

He encouraged them to tune into the frequency at their homes.

Allen has just started his journey with The Word for Today. He is so happy to get a copy!

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