Mike* is a married person from another Island province. He resides with his wife in Honiara but as time goes, they started to have quarrels. It was not long before Mike resorted to drugs and locally brewed alcohol. His life was in a mess. He had other plans-to sell drugs, in particular the cannabis illegally to vulnerable people.

He travelled to Choiseul on a passenger/cargo boat and ended up at Taro.

While in Taro, he stayed with an elderly person who encouraged him to listen to Laef FM. As he continued to listen to the messages (preaching & teachings)  from the radio, day by day and week by week, the Holy Spirit began to change his heart and mind. He began to attend Church services and activities.

Not only that but when he eventually returned to Honiara, he reconciled and reunited with his family as a changed person.

Laef FM broadcasts on 93.5 on the island of Taro, Solomon Islands


  • name changed for privacy