Nikolau and Alice Wedding

Sep 10, 2022

Nikolau and AliceNikolau is a listener who has recently heard of Radio Voz. He heard the radio three years ago. The program he participated in was Jerasaun Los Nasaun Diak, which was presented by James. Because the topic that was brought by James was interesting for Nikolau. Long story short they meet each other and James evangelizes Nikolau and until Nikolau decides to accept and follow Jesus. It turned out that after a few months Nikolau won his girlfriend for the Lord Jesus. Nikolau and his girlfriend chose to join together in the Nazarene church which is the church where James serves.
Nikolau and Alice decide to get married but they face problems because their parents do not approve of getting married in the Protestant church. They always tell me this and we carry it with us in prayer. And thank God, finally the prayer of the righteous was so powerful that the parents of Nikolau and Alice agreed to marry in the Protestant church. And Radio Voz staff were invited to attend the wedding.

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