On the run from the police

Nov 4, 2020

Pictured is one of Laif FM listener’s from Kubalia in the East Sepik Province of PNG. He shared his testimony on how he got saved through listening to 98.3, Laif FM.

He was in prison in 2000 for rascal activities and being involved in some hold ups. He was on the run from the law enforcement for many years and was even on the shoot-to-kill list. Then, he landed up with Pastor Abraham Kumbia & his wife Anna. Pastor Abraham took him to Mr Kasieang the PSE at that time. The PSE was very angry but Pastor Kumbia & wife Anna covered told the PSE, “You didn’t find him, we found him and brought him to you… he will be under our custody”.

Now… what happened next?

He got changed, accepted the Pastor’s advise but didn’t attend a church. He was tuning his radio one day and suddenly, heard Gospel music, and later, heard a voice on the radio. Then he heard the Word of God, “wow” he said…. I think this is my “Church” coz this Christian radio is talking to me, encouraging me with the Word of God. Inspirational programs all throughout the day, with the Word of God. This is my FM station cause I got saved and love all the programs. I am a die hard fan for this Christian radio 98.3 Laif FM

He is now attached to the New Apostolic Church as an evangelist in his community.

He appeals to those on the run from law enforcement, please stop what you are doing, surrender for change and become a true citizen for your community, district, province, country and ambassador for Christ.

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