The Word for Today having an impact in the Solomon Islands

May 9, 2022

The Board Chairman of UCB Solomon Islands recently wrote to tell us how The Word for Today is having an impact in the Solomon Islands.

He said…

My personal observation over the recent months is that The Word for Today has blessed many lives especially those who accessed copies of the book.People from different backgrounds, religion and ethnicity began to see the added value of the devotional book!

A few months ago, I happened to cross path with an Anglican Priest by the name of Fr Clement. He accessed a copy of the book through another leader. He smiled, put his right thumb up and made a positive comment about it saying,.. ‘The book is very good and very helpful! Other leaders must get their copy.’

About two months ago, I went down town to get something at an Hardware shop. An elderly woman, called my name, stopped me and said. ‘hey brother, thank you for the devotional book! It is very good! It encourages, strengthen and motivates my Christian journey. I bought some copies and gave them to others too. I want young people to get their copies. Do you still have copies available?’

Three weeks ago, a senior nursing officer met me on the road and said,.. ‘I enjoy my devotional time with Lord by using The Word for Today and the other nurses at the National Referral hospital asked where I got it. We want to use this devotional book in our prayer and fellowship time at the hospital. Do you have 40-50 copies now? she asked.

Also, about three weeks ago, the Deputy Principle of Seghe Theological Seminary in Western Province spoke to me and mentioned that the The Word for Today really helped the staff & student’s devotional prayer life. He said.. ‘I have seen a lot difference in the lives of the students.’

God bless!CoxwainSolomon Islands

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