They lift up my spirit and motivated my life

Nov 19, 2021

Just letting you know of a testimony of a lady I met up with again on the road yesterday morning. She looked very happy and excited…

This lady had gone through a very tough and rough time for a very long time. She shared a number of things (experiences) but this is one that I clearly picked up yesterday and I quote…

“When I read the book each day, I felt as if those words are written specifically for me. The words and the Scripture references speak directly to my situation and needs. They lift up my spirit and motivated my life each day. They empowered my prayer life and I feel like sharing Christ to anyone I meet.

Many work colleagues at the hospital really like the book. We have prayer &  fellowship time twice a week at the hospital’s Conference Room. We also take some of our time ministering to the sick people at different wards. We really want to use this devotional book in our prayer & fellowship time at the hospital…”

This lady is now strongly connected to a Church and is beginning to get actively involved in small outreaches, missions and prayer activities.

Coxwain, Chairman, UCB Solomon Islands