spoken programs we play

Throughout most of the pacific our radio stations are branded Life FM. Although you might find we use the local spelling Laef FM or Laif FM.

In Timor-Leste our team call their station Radio Voz and in Nepal they have Hope Radio. In Samoa the station is Laufou O Le Talalelei.

Below are some of the teaching programs you will hear on our english speaking stations. You can tune in either locally or listen to our live stream here from our website. 

Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures In Odyssey

Created for ages 8-12 but enjoyed by the whole family, Adventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. Maybe that’s why over 20 million products have been distributed worldwide.

A Different Perspective – Berni Dymet

Berni Dymet knows that life has its ups and downs. It brings good days and bad ones, laughter and tears. But we can get into a rut. We see life from who we are and where we live. But God doesn’t see it that way. He’s not limited by our circumstances. He sees life from a different perspective.

A Different Perspective is a daily 10 minute program that takes a look at the issues of life – real, here and now, relevant, punchy, insightful.

Things like living out your dreams, dealing with fear and uncertainty, times of refreshing… the sorts of things that matter to each one of us.

A New Beginning – Greg laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie brings the truth of Scripture alive by talking the plain truth in a style everyone can relate to. Using humour and stories to illustrate the truth found in the Bible he’ll help you know God and make Him known.

Greg Laurie is Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, one of the largest churches in America.

In 1990, Greg began holding public evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades. Since that time, more than 4 million people have attended Harvest Crusades across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Faith and the Future – Kameel Majdali

The future belongs to those who are aware… and those who prepare.

No one knows the future, but the Bible offers us keys to understanding. In Faith and the Future Kameel starts with the wisdom we read in the book of Proverbs, and from there looks at the profound, and sometimes controversial, topics that, in our busyness, we often have no time to consider in-depth.

Join Kameel, and program host Neil Johnson, as together they discuss how we are to survive and succeed in the coming days.

Focus on the family

Focus on the Family Australia

Family is a God-ordained institution and trying to discover how to navigate through this on our own can be a very daunting task. But Focus on the Family brings real family issues to the forefront and offers relevant, practical support for all members of the family.

We as parents and spouses should want to create healthy family environments for our children and families to thrive and flourish. The Word of God is that light that can guide and direct our families in these times.  

Foundations – Mandy Worby

Most Christians have a desire to know and understand their Bible better, but what if their study and research only provides you with half the information you need?

‘Foundations’ is about filling in the gaps with the information most people miss or are unaware of. The truth is that over time words, definitions and culture changes in dramatic ways and applying present day understanding and meanings to words, phrases and events, can lead to very different conclusions. Read more or view the show notes…

Grace to You – John MacArthur

John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, as well as an author, conference speaker and chancellor of The Master’s University and Seminary.

Recognising that the Bible is the very Word of the Living God to man, and understanding the priority of knowing and obeying its truths, Grace to You is committed to teaching Scripture with diligence and authority.

Each 30 minute broadcast aims to continuously impart Biblical truth to the people of God that they may become equipped to do the work of ministry.

Insight for Living – Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll is one of the world’s best-known Bible teachers. His ministry, Insight for Living, is committed to excellence in communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear, and practical manner so that people will come to an understanding of God’s plan for their lives, as well as their significant role as authentic Christians in a needy, hostile, and desperate world.

Power Mix

Power Mix

A great mix of new and recent music to encourage and inspire the youth of today.

Power for Living – Bill Newman

Bill Newman is an evangelist who travels throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands and the world with the sole purpose of reaching  people across the world through the simple preaching of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each short program offers listeners hope through bringing to light a precious gem of Bible truth.

Running with Fire – Tak Bahna

Join Tak Bhana each weekday for a 10 minute chat that will brighten your day and give you something to think about. Sound Biblical advice in a friendly discussion style.

“Running with Fire was born out of a deep desire in my heart to see God’s leaders and His church ablaze with a holy fire for Him – a fire that will fuel their passion for Christ and for the souls of men and women who have yet to hear the Good News of the Gospel”. – Tak Bhana,

Set Free – Ken Legg

Over 1,000 churches & small groups throughout Australia have used training resources developed by Ken Legg and now you can hear him in this 10 minute teaching programme.

Ken ministers the grace of God and has a unique way of sharing this message, which sets people free from legalism and striving and brings them into the liberty Christ intends for us.

Michael Kotch

Teaching the Bible – Michael Kotch

Teaching the Bible is a weekly show that details and explains the major events and teachings of the Bible.

Michael says “Teaching the Bible aims to get the Word of God in the Bible out in a way that is clear and easy to understand, while maintaining 100% accuracy to what is written in the Bible.”

Starting with Genesis, this series works it’s way thorough to Revelation in 56 half-hour episodes. You can hear Teaching the Bible Sunday evenings from 8:00pm.

The Word for Today – Bob Gass

The Word for Today is a daily devotional by Bob Gass designed to help Christians keep focused on their relationship with Christ. It is available both on our radio station and as a printed book through our ministry.

Bob’s vision for The Word for Today is to ‘whet your appetite so much that you’ll say, “Wow! I didn’t know that was in the Bible! Maybe I’d better go and read it for myself.” Each day’s devotion will give you a love for the Word of God which will last all your life long.

The Village Church – Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler is the lead pastor of teaching and an elder at The Village Church, a Southern Baptist church in Texas. The Village Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through Gospel-centered worship, Gospel-centered community, Gospel-centered service and Gospel-centered multiplication.

The Worship Hour

The Worship Hour

An hour of contemporary worship that will bring focus to your day.

Today – Jeff Vines

Author, Pastor, Apologist and Bible teacher Jeff Vines delivers a straight talking message from the Word.

Pastor Jeff spent 20 years on the mission field in Zimbabwe and New Zealand planting churches and training leaders. From 1998-2005 he was the featured speaker on the American weekly television broadcast, “Questions of Life,” and frequently debated with unbelievers on American radio stations.

In 2008, Jeff became the Lead Pastor of ONE&ALL church in California. Jeff is the author of 2 well-known books Dinner with SKEPTICS: Defending God in a World that Makes No Sense, and Unbroken: 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep.

Unshackled – True Life Stories

Unshackled! is a radio drama series aired each week on over 1,550 radio stations – including ours.

Each episode is a special made-for-radio dramatised story of a person’s conversion to Christianity.

Real people…real life stories…stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. UNSHACKLED! grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives.

Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by sin — by our wrong choices, disobedience, and selfish motives. But God is at work, and the power of Christ sets us free of our bondage. We are…UNSHACKLED!

Why Israel – Willem Glashouwer

Willem Glashouwer gives you an inside look from a Biblical, historical and prophetic perspective at God’s work with Israel.

We see miracles happen in our days; the Jews are returning to the Promised Land just as the Bible prophesied. This fact alone proves that God has not forgotten the Jewish people and that Jesus is coming soon!

Each 10 minute program shows why Christians should continue to bless the Jewish people and how Israel is a sign of hope to the world.