The Word for Today in Nepali

Mount Everest and trekking in the Himalayan mountains immediately spring to mind when you think of Nepal. But it is also ‘home’ for nearly 30 million people.

Most of the population (80%) are Hindu with less than 3% Christian. The Constitution of Nepal, adopted in 2015, established Nepal as a federal secular nation effectively opening the door for Christian ministries to openly operate. Even so, Nepal is listed at 32 in Open Doors ’The 50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus’.

Our team call themselves Message of Hope and they have a weekly 25 minute slot on the following stations.

Afno fm 104.8 Dadedhura, Okhaldhunga and 90.4 Rukum
Shepherd 88.4 Dhulikhel and 89.2 Chitwan
Jagriti 87.9 Biratnagar
Apostle 102.6 Pokhara
Planet 89.1 Chautara
Chhimeki 107.2 Butwal
Three Angels 94.6 Pokhara
Cool 90.3 Kathmandu
Heart 87.6 Dharan
Grace 107.6 Bhaktapur
Harmi 105.4 GorkhaHarmi
Rasuwa 102.1 Rasuwa
Top town 107 Kavre
Goodnews F.M 105.1 Kathmandu
Icchyakamana FM 100.1 Kurintar, Chitwan

They also translate and publish 17,000 copies of The Word for Today in Nepalese every quarter, have a YouTube channel, a programme on the national TV network, an online radio station Radio Hope and are working to build partnerships with at least two local FM stations. They’ve even produced a Nepalii Worship Album!

Opposite is an example of the daily video version they produce of the Nepali edition of The Word for Today. This video is posted to their YouTube channel each day as well as being sent to a WhatsApp group.

Message of Hope Nepal are based in Kathmandu and have built themselves some wonderful studio facilities.


Meet our UCB Nepal team


From Left to Right

Suraj, Maya, Barsha, Anugraha, Evan, Dr Simon, Suraj, Shanti, ??


Listen to Butwal’s

Radio Chhimeki 107.2 FM:

For more information, to listen to Radio Hope online or to contact our Message of Hope team, visit their website:

Support people in Nepal

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