Meet some of our friends in Indonesia

Rudy and Radio Lizbeth team

Indonesia’s 17,500 islands stretch from Papua in the east to Sumatera in the West over 5,000 km or 1/8th the way around the earth’s equator. People from over 1,300 different ethnic groups and 700 languages call one of the many islands ‘home’ with most professing Islam as their religion.

Exciting Christian ministry is also taking place and we are partnering with U_Channel (providing Christian TV) and JAPPRI Radio Network (Jaringan Pelayanan Penyiaran Radio Indonesia) and their large number of radio stations to reach to this huge population.

View the Stations on the Jappri Network below

1. Lampung, Heartline 91.7 FM

2. Padang, Respon 93.0 FM

3. Aceh, Djati 103.6 FM

4. Deli Serdang, Sola Bersinar 107.9 FM

5. Balige, Zaitun 105.8 MHz

6. Tuapejat, NESTS 97.7 FM

7. Tapanuli, Swara Indah 88.1 FM

8. Sidikalang, GET FM 88.2 FM

9. Tarutung, Bonapit FM 90.1 FM

10. Siantar, Epiginosko 107.7 FM

11. Siantar, Suara Diakonia HKBP 106.1FM

12. Lubuklinggau, Dian Kasih 103.4 FM

13. Medan, Aksi (streaming)

14. Babel, Khatulistiwa 90.0 FM

15. Kabanjahe, Bunga Bakung (streaming)

16. Medan, JoyFM 101.0 FM

17. Nias, Mercy 93.90 F

  1. Tangerang, Heartline 100.6 FM
  2. Karanganyar, Rassinda 90 FM
  3. Solo, Immanuel 94.3 FM
  4. Salatiga, Elisa 103.9 FM
  5. Yogyakarta, Sasando 90.3 FM
  6. Yogyakarta, Petra 105.7 FM
  7. Boyolali, CJDW 107 FM
  8. Ungaran, Sahabat Sejati 107.7 FM
  9. Jogja, Love 107.7 FM
  10. Semarang, Agape 94.5 FM
  11. Blitar, Suara Gracia 107.6 FM
  12. Semarang, Good News 94.9 FM
  13. Klaten, HITZ 107.6 FM
  14. Karanganyar, Suara Perdana 107.7FM
  15. Sragen, Swara Kencana 107.9 FM
  16. Cianjur, Citra Kasih 107.9 FM
  17. Semarang, Ichthus 96.5 FM
  18. Banyuwangi, Gema Alethia 107.8 FM
  19. Bogor, HMM (streaming)
  20. Blora, Gloria 106.7 FM
  21. Surabaya, Bethany 92.9 FM
  22. Nganjuk, Rhema 102.8 FM
  23. Cirebon, Suara Gracia 95.9 FM
  24. Jakarta, Mazmur 105.2 FM
  25. Banyuwangi, Citra Buana 107.7 FM
  26. Kediri, Syalom 107.7 FM
  27. Tulungagung, Serafim 107.3 FM
  28. Mojokerto, ROCK FM 107.7 FM
  29. Karawang, Yosia Ministry 107.7 FM
  30. Salatiga, Bethany 107.7 FM
  31. Bekasi, Talitakum 107.8 FM
  32. Pati, Foster 107.7 FM
  33. Jepara, Muria 107.7 FM
  34. Kertosono, Alpha Omega 107.7 FM
  35. Malang, Suara Rhema 107.7 FM
  36. Malang, Bravo 107.7 FM
  37. Tambakrejo, Revival 107.9 FM
  38. Bandung, Eight 96.8 FM
  39. Kediri, Ganesa 105,3 FM
  40. Jember, Jos 1077 FM
  41. Malang, Sejahtera 107.3 FM

1. Bali, Heartline Bali 92.2 FM

  1. Samarinda, Heartline 94.4 FM
  2. Pontianak, Samaria 97.9 FM
  3. Singkawang, BSM 100.1 FM
  4. Pangkalanbun, SKM 93.3 FM
  5. Tarakan, Suara Kasih 99.5 FM
  6. Banjarmasin, Khana 98.4 FM
  7. P. Raya, Suara Sangkakala 88.4 FM
  8. P. Raya, Evella 96.7 FM
  1. Soe, Mercy 90.4 MHz
  2. Rote, Swara Malole 106.7 MHz
  3. Kupang, Sahabat 102.7 MHz
  4. Alor, Dian Mandiri 90.5 MHz
  5. Atambua, Dian Mandiri 100.6 FM
  6. Kupang, Lizbeth 98.4 FM
  7. Waingapu, Max 96.9 FM
  8. Sumba Timur, Shalom
  9. Sabu Seba, Musafir Voice 95.6 FM
  1. Takalar, Harmoni 97.0 FM
  2. Tomohon, Kaba Baik 100.0 FM
  3. Makale, Solideo 104.7 FM
  4. Makassar, Christy 828 AM
  5. Manado, Sumber Kasih 90.2FM
  6. Toraja, Bima 102.5 FM
  7. Manado, CWS 89.40 FM
  8. Manado, Skylight 91.0 FM
  9. Langowan, Trivana 97.9 FM
  10. Langowan, Victory 91.2 FM
  11. Tomohon, Sion 106.7 FM
  12. Tomohon, MARS 94.1 FM
  13. Tomohon, Amigos 100.8 FM
  14. Palu, Bethany 90.0 FM
  15. Palu, Suara Damai 93.6 FM
  16. Makassar, Simphony 107.8 FM
  17. Toraja, RPK 95.7 FM
  18. Toraja FM 88.8 FM
  19. Rantepao, Gita Sorga 107.7 FM
  20. Mamasa, Ballo Mamase 107.9 FM
  21. Luwu Utara, Elshadday 90,4 FM
  22. Manado, Golden Heart 92.6 FM
  23. Poso, Skyline 87.9 FM
  24. Sangihe, Shine 89.2 Mhz
  25. Sangihe, Basauh Revival 89.5 FM
  26. Tahuna, Alfa 101 FM
  27. Minahasa, Astara 107.8 FM
  28. Minahasa, Manguni Voice 89.8 FM
  1. Ambon, Dian Mandiri 105.9 FM
  2. Tobelo, Syalom 90.2 FM
  3. Masohi, Cahaya Mandiri 96.3 FM
  4. Ternate, Istana 101 FM
  1. Jayapura, Swaranusa Bahagia 1170 AM
  2. Jayapura, Bahana Sangkakala 92.5 FM
  3. Wamena, Swara Lembah Baliem 14.40 AM
  4. Wamena, Swara Kasih Anugerah 103 FM
  5. Manokwari, Dian Papua 90.0 MHz
  6. Biak, Suara Kasih Oikumene 107.7 FM
  7. Timika, Suara Kasih 98.6 FM
  8. Sorong, Papua 95,4 FM
  9. Mamberamo, Kasona 90.9 FM
  10. Mamberamo Tengah, Bogo 97.6 FM
  11. Jayapura, Sobat 96.3 FM
  12. Tembagapura, Suara Kasih 98.6 FM
  13. Jayapura, DC (Dock) 4 – 88,5 FM
  14. Timika, Rajawali 87.8 FM
  15. Wamena, Swara Grasia 89.6 FM
  16. Manokwari, Kamundan FM 89.2
  17. Asmat, Fu 99.2 FM

Connect with U Channel through Facebook  Watch now
Phone: 021 – 5476170

Address: Jl. Gunung Rinjani No.6, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia


Connect with JAPPRI though

Phone:  021-5949 4223

WhatsApp: +62 812 8784 7210

Email: [email protected]

Address: gd. Heartline Center
Jl. Permatasari No.1000 Lippo Village Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten 15810

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Dear UCB friends, Last Sunday afternoon we traveled to Baucau, and then to Viqueque, both Districts in the East side of Timor island, in order to install the new radio upgrade to the 100W Transmitter. In Baucau, the weather was really bad, but the Lord helped us and...

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Reaching Nepalese with Facebook

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Blessed by God’s Word

Estanislau is an avid listener of Radio Voz from the district of Ermera. One day Estanislau stopped me in the middle of the road while I was cycling, he recognized me because I was wearing a Radio Voz t-shirt. He introduced himself to me and told me that he faithfully...

Growth through Technology

  Greetings, I am Tej Bahadur Sunar from Salyan, I go to Jyotika Santhan Church but now I am in Africa for work. Although I haven't always had access to the book's physical copy, I have the good fortune of getting regular devotional messages and other content of...

New listeners and new readers in the Solomon Islands

It's encouraging to hear about what the Lord does in the lives of those who just begun to tune into Laef FM 93.5 and also to those who accessed The Word for Today. A Taxi Driver said yesterday morning that his Bible study group at Tuvaruhu is growing since they...

A visitor from Baucau

A listener and my friend CIMA Kaiwa from Baucau visited Dili for a week. I (Rio) offered her to listen to Radio Voz. After hearing Radio Voz on the Program Voz Christa and she felt very blessed and she requested to meet with the purpose of hearing the Word of God and...

Reflecting on God’s goodness

  Here is a testimony from Lepani reflecting on God's goodness and faithfulness in the past... With Pentecost Sunday 2023 around the corner to be celebrated on 28 May, 2023, I wish to reflect on an event that took place on Pentecost Sunday here in the Solomon...

Renungan Hari Ini for Perisos staff

  In February we distributed the devotional book the Renungan Hari Ini. I brought 2 boxes to Gipora who is a staff at the Perisos company and he distributed them to his friends. And Gipora himself received a blessing through the book Reflection of the Day....

Pastor Assumtha Pengeningi from Holik Village

Pastor Assumtha Pengeningi is Pastoring the Holik AOG Church in Yangoru, East Sepik Province. The Word for Today edition has made a big impact in her personal life as well as in the church congregation. She had never in her life come across this devotion until this...

Laef FM is changing lives in Taro

Mike* is a married person from another Island province. He resides with his wife in Honiara but as time goes, they started to have quarrels. It was not long before Mike resorted to drugs and locally brewed alcohol. His life was in a mess. He had other plans-to sell...

Received as a Gift

In this lockdown, I received this book from one of my brother. I was searching for this type of book for a long time I am so happy when I found this book. This daily devotional book helps me to know more about the lord and reflect on myself. It is written in a very...

Suva Church and Taxis, and The Word for Today

In Suva, a Methodist church minister distributed 2 cartons of The Word for Today to his congregation. Before being given out, the books were prayed over and delivered under the guidance of our team. He also distributed some to taxi drivers servicing the greater Suva...

Ivana a radio Listener

Ivana Kokai is a listener from the past. Previously, Ivana did not know God, but now she knows God and she attends a church called GPWC in Dili. And she always asked for prayer. Ivana was at a wedding event that I was also at and she asked for a group photo and asked...