The Word for Today reaching Ukrainian’s

We received the following report from our friends at UCB Hungary about how, with your support, The Word for Today is reaching reaching Ukrainian’s and bringing them hope and encouragement from the Bible.
Dear Fellow Workers at The Word for Today,
I have great gratitude in my heart because, with your help, God’s message of hope has reached many Ukrainian-speaking people even in these weeks full of doubts.
At your request, I would like to tell you what we are doing and where your publications have come as part of this mission in a few sentences.

We have been working hand in hand with the Hungarian Baptist Aid and the Baptist on Mission Foundation for many years. During the current period of war, we are (also) present in Ukraine with medical groups, providing free treatment and counselling for refugees, orphans, and soldiers. Needless to say, the situation is very difficult… almost unbearable the complete hopelessness and blank future associated with misery, persecution and violence. Therefore, believe me, you, your work, and these publications are sorely needed. “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2 NKJV) According to His Word, God teaches us to build one another. He invites us to go beyond ourselves and notice others. Moreover, seeing the problems, we carry each other’s burden. How good it is that we have been able to do this now with you, via the “Word for Today” publications, prayers, medicines, and other donations. Glory be to God for it.

In the last few weeks, we managed:

  • To get to Rafajnaújfalu [Рафайновe/Rafaynove is a Hungarian-speaking village in Zakarpattia Oblast], where we gave out publications at a refugee reception point. Here we even met rape victims from Butsa (many women and even a little boy).
  •  Also visited refugee reception points in Gát and Gut [Гать/Gat and Гут/Gut are Hungarian-speaking villages in Zakarpattia Oblast]. Many people came to these places from the interior of the country, even all the way from Harkiv.
  • We were also in Munkács [Мукачево/Mukachevo], where an orphanage was set up for children orphaned in the war, where we could talk to teenagers. And in a section of the hospital set aside for the soldiers, we were able to hand out publications to soldiers, who mainly suffered burns and were expecting a long recovery. We visited a refugee reception point here, too.
  • And I conclude my list by reporting that we managed to deliver care packages to several parts of the Donetsk region for the soldiers there, and we put a copy of  “The Word for Today” in each of the packages.

 Thank you! Without you, all our help would have been much poorer!

Much Love: 
Tóth Tünde

worker of Hungarian Baptist Aid

The Word for Today guides us

The Word for TodayI used to read The Word for Today for many years. I thought that this is very useful and easy to understand for all levels of believers so I started to distribute it within the Youth Groups. Nowadays people don’t want to study books they use social media to listen to these programs. Anyway, it is very effective and practical teaching about Bible This guides us to develop our spiritual life very much.

Thank you so much Message of Hope Nepal for this ministry.

Rupendra Buda Magar
Baglung, Nepal.

Listening to Message of Hope Nepal


I am glad to connect with such a kind of media ministry (Message of Hope Nepal). I have started listening to this program last two years and from that day I never missed it. I am very much blessed to listen to this every morning and love to share it with my church and family members.

Also, I started watching YouTube Message presented by Dr. Simon Pandey and I shared it with my church’s members. This is helpful for them to understand more about Jesus and His wonderful task in Bible. Similarly, this daily devotion (The Word for Today) helped members to grow more and more towards his presence.

We are thankful for this ministry family.

Hanna Thapa Thakuri
Shillong, India

The Word for Today having an impact in the Solomon Islands

The Board Chairman of UCB Solomon Islands recently wrote to tell us how The Word for Today is having an impact in the Solomon Islands.

He said…

My personal observation over the recent months is that The Word for Today has blessed many lives especially those who accessed copies of the book.People from different backgrounds, religion and ethnicity began to see the added value of the devotional book!

A few months ago, I happened to cross path with an Anglican Priest by the name of Fr Clement. He accessed a copy of the book through another leader. He smiled, put his right thumb up and made a positive comment about it saying,.. ‘The book is very good and very helpful! Other leaders must get their copy.’

About two months ago, I went down town to get something at an Hardware shop. An elderly woman, called my name, stopped me and said. ‘hey brother, thank you for the devotional book! It is very good! It encourages, strengthen and motivates my Christian journey. I bought some copies and gave them to others too. I want young people to get their copies. Do you still have copies available?’

Three weeks ago, a senior nursing officer met me on the road and said,.. ‘I enjoy my devotional time with Lord by using The Word for Today and the other nurses at the National Referral hospital asked where I got it. We want to use this devotional book in our prayer and fellowship time at the hospital. Do you have 40-50 copies now? she asked.

Also, about three weeks ago, the Deputy Principle of Seghe Theological Seminary in Western Province spoke to me and mentioned that the The Word for Today really helped the staff & student’s devotional prayer life. He said.. ‘I have seen a lot difference in the lives of the students.’

God bless!CoxwainSolomon Islands

Finding God’s Peace

Timor-Leste BoatsMr. Laurindu heard about Radio Voz from one of our loyal listeners named Merry Audian.

Mr Laurindu was experiencing many problems caused by his children so it was difficult to manage. Because he couldn’t stand the problems he was in, he came to Radio Voz to share them with us. I listened and after I heard all the problems I prayed for Mr. Laurindu. While praying he cried because he felt God’s peace inside him.

After we finished praying he asked to pray for him often. I believe he was on a journey to finding God’s peace, and nowadays he often sends private messages to me to pray for.

Station Manager – Radio Voz


The Word for Today has been a source of blessing to my family and I. A lot of my members are young people from various backgrounds and whilst we have material for teaching, the daily word has indeed helped in disciplining them to spend time in the word, study and mediate.. hence Thank you.

I am willing to sow into the work so please do let me me know how.

Gods blessings,
Ps Santos

Prisoners and Officials Listening in Timor-Leste

In December of 2021, the Visão Cristã Church was invited to carry out a Christmas service for the nearly 600 prisoners of the main prison of Timor-Leste. During service, the prison director realized that the worship leader, the pastor who preached the message, and some other people involved, where all Radio Voz FM presenters. And during his final speech to close the event, he spent most of his time thanking Radio Voz for sharing hope to the prisoners, as well as praying for them every day on air, adding that the prisoners need hope and prayers more than entertaining or anything else, given that other organizations had already carried out events in the prison during that December, but only trying to bring entertainment to the prisoners.

For us it was so good to know that the prisoners, as well as the prison officials, are Radio Voz FM faithful listeners and recognize the importance of Radio Voz ministry for their lives. We are sure that the Good News seed that is sown every day in the lives of these people through Radio Voz FM waves will in God’s time germinate and produce fruits.

Receiving Peace

Rio and Victor

Victor is an immigrant, a Muslim and he runs a trading business in Dili. He likes to listen to Radio Voz every night before he goes to sleep but his wife doesn’t like it. One day I (Rio) met him at a restaurant and we shared together and he was able to tell me how he felt.He shared with me how he felt calm at night when he heard Radio Voz broadcasts. Compared to the time before hearing Radio Voz when he always lived in doubt and worry. The most important thing for him is the sense of peace he gets. And I encourage Mr. Victor to keep listening to Radio Voz.

God is in Control

Sofiana and Rio

Sofiana was in a state of confusion because of a problem. She found herself with opposition from her family because she chose to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I (Rio) shared God’s Word with her and I said that all the problems faced were already under God’s control and just believe in God and God will act. After I shared with her then she read The Word for Today and she found the words that strengthened her the same as what I shared with her before which is GOD IS IN CONTROL and she is very blessed.

Sofiana is a loyal friend who helps Radio Voz in translating The Word for Today.

Blessed by Radio and Print

I am a regular reader and listener of the Message of Hope Nepal’s program. I love to listen to The Word for Today everyday also weekly I listen radio programs from Good News FM . Specially this daily devotional message helps me to grow spiritually in my day to day life . This is very simple and easy to understand clearly. I always share this to my circle from Facebook.

I am very much thankful toward Lord Jesus and Message of Hope Nepal which leads me to live better life with God and guides me to be happy and thankful in my life .

Laxmi – Lalitpur, Nepal

God’s Word through Facebook

I have been fulfilling some of the responsibilities of my church, such as leading youth groups, Sunday school, Sisters fellowship, etc

Due to the burden of family’s responsibility and future, I went out for this job. At the same time, I used to go to church in a hurry due to my busy schedule. Thus day by day I began to weaken in prayer and spiritually and the habit of reciting the Word of God gradually disappeared. As I tried to move closer to God, I began to feel uneasy, frustrated, and depressed.

One day I found out the Facebook page of The Word for Today Daily Devotion that is being broadcast from Message of Hope through social media and started listening to it day after day. From this daily devotional book, I found great excitement and inspiration in my life. Finally, I realized that according to Jeremiah 29:11, God’s plan is greater than my plan and will. Eventually, I changed my mind. So I would like to thank God and Message of Hope Nepal from the bottom of my heart.

Rachan – Kailali, Nepal

Encouragement at a Time of Loss


We are 4 family members including me, my brother, sister, and brother.

My family and I got to know Jesus as a Savior because of my mother. That is why we are so happy to have the opportunity to know God when we are young. One day a very sad time came while we were constantly growing in the Lord and that time is the month of September 2019. My family and I were saddened by the loss of my mother. At the same time, we lost Baba in 8 months. Within a year of losing my parents, we were unable to cope, remembering the dire situation for me and my family. At the same time, my spiritual sister Sunita Mahat started sending daily word of worship today through messenger.

Then I began to listen to the daily worship from today’s Word  (The Word for Today) and began to be blessed day by day. This short and meaningful word of God’s encouragement and drawer closer to God helps me to fight the situation .

Finally, I would like to thank God again and Message of Hope Nepal .

Ashok, Dolakha District, Nepal

Loving It

I am definitely enjoying it (The Word for Today) a lot.
My family all have a copy each.
Thank you so much for the daily spiritual nourishment.
Esther, Fiji

The Word for Today

I bought the books and distributed them to other leaders with the hope that they read God’s Word daily. Many of them found the book very helpful and you know, many people have various issues faced in life. This book touches many different areas of life which I am thankful to the Lord for!

Loretta, Solomon Islands

Impact in the Solomon Islands

I gave 4 copies to four Church leaders. Each of the leaders found the book very interesting and motivating. One of the leaders commented that they have been missing out all the good things that are in the book..

I can see the spiritual growth, motivation and determination of each of them.

But for me as a pastor, the book has really helped me. It has motivated and inspired my devotional prayer life and keep me on course. What more can I say..thank God for the book.

Tukai, Solomon Islands

3 text messages

Dear Laif fm, I am texting all the way from Madang. Not listening to fm cos no Laif fm in Madang but I have The WORD FOR TODAY. The book is so inspiring. We give praise to God.. ~George.
Thank you UCB for the booklet The WORD FOR TODAY. May the grace of Jehovah continued to guide Bob and Debby Gass.
I reside in Hagen,I enjoyed reading your inspirational messages. Thanks Laif FM
Papua New Guinea


While walking on the streets in Madang today, I sighted a guy with “The WORD FOR TODAY” booklet. I asked permission to glance through and did so.
Asked him where he bought the booklet, and he told me that ” It was at the Christian Book Shop” so I hurried there and got a copy for myself.
I enjoyed reading. “The Word really inspired me. It’s very Inspirational and I was blessed by The Word.
As a teacher, I’d love to have some copies on the shelves of our class library for my grade 8 students to read and ” Be Blessed & Inspired” too.
Thank you very much for publishing ‘The Word’. May God bless you ALL.
Ivanokovic, Madang, Papua New Guinea

Hidden Truths

The Word for Today is the booklet I am blessed with daily because from it I discovered many hidden truth and I want to dig deeper more to find more treasures.

Text Message – PNG

Reaching under developed regions…


I came to know The Word for Today devotional when I was in Bible college at Surkhet. So for 3 years, I am regularly reading this devotional book.

This is so interesting to read every day with a different topic and it’s easy to understand and short. This really helps us to grow our spiritual life and helps me to prepare the Word of God in my sermons.

I am really thankful to Message of Hope Nepal for your contribution to serve through this kind of ministry. I knew that you send us this book to Humla as well. My place is very underdeveloped. there are no proper transport facilities. I am happy that Message of Hope Nepal is able to send books to the Hope Church in Humla. We will be praying for you.

Kalpana Buda, Humla, Nepal

Good News FM


I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was around the age of 65. Now I am 81 years old. I can’t read the Bible but when I came to familiar with the uses of mobile, I learned to operate FM.

While tuning the channel I stuck listening to Good News FM there I heard Dr. Simon Pandey was sharing a word of God. From that day I regularly listening to the word of God every Saturday at 7 pm.

Due to this pandemic, I am not able to go to church and hear sermons from church. These programs help me to know more about God’s love and his kindness.

Chandra Kumari Pandey – Sagarmatha church, Kalanki, Nepal


Thelly Pandwall is a volunteer broadcaster who in December 2019 fell ill and had a stroke. She went to Indonesia for treatment. When she left for Indonesia she could only sit in a wheelchair and was assisted by those closest to her.

At that time she could not take care of herself and always relied on others. After more than a year of treatment and therapy she was finally able to take care of herself.

Because the teams in Australia and Dili always prayed so that her health began to return to good and now she can walk on her own and take care of herself. And in mid-November 2021 she returned to Dili and she participated in Radio Voz’s birthday celebration and starting Saturday, December 4, 2021, she returned to broadcast on air on Radio Voz.

The Word for Today, in Indonesian please 🙂

Mrs. Agripina is an avid listener of radio but it was the first time she visited Radio Voz in early October. She came to pick up a few books of The Word for Today for her family.While she was visiting us she suggested that if possible, The Word for Today was made into a book in the Tetum or Indonesian language.

Well, we have good news!  UCB Timor- Leste are currently arranging to get a limited number of copies of The Word for Today in the Indonesian language printed with a special cover for Radio Voz.

2022 is the first year that The Word for Today will be available in Indonesia for many years.  This new partnership with JAPPRI and UCB Asia Pacific will see the book version launched in the local language with an initial print run of 20,000 copies.

They lift up my spirit and motivated my life

Just letting you know of a testimony of a lady I met up with again on the road yesterday morning. She looked very happy and excited…

This lady had gone through a very tough and rough time for a very long time. She shared a number of things (experiences) but this is one that I clearly picked up yesterday and I quote…

“When I read the book each day, I felt as if those words are written specifically for me. The words and the Scripture references speak directly to my situation and needs. They lift up my spirit and motivated my life each day. They empowered my prayer life and I feel like sharing Christ to anyone I meet.

Many work colleagues at the hospital really like the book. We have prayer &  fellowship time twice a week at the hospital’s Conference Room. We also take some of our time ministering to the sick people at different wards. We really want to use this devotional book in our prayer & fellowship time at the hospital…”

This lady is now strongly connected to a Church and is beginning to get actively involved in small outreaches, missions and prayer activities.

Coxwain, Chairman, UCB Solomon Islands

Reaching into India

I am listening to ‘The Word for Today’ daily devotion from YouTube also watching The Television program ‘The Reality’ from YouTube.

Especially this daily devotion message really encourages us in our daily life to work with God. This daily devotion helps me to teach my youth to grow Spiritually.

Thank you, all the entire team, for this wonderful daily devotion to others’ content we are really blessed by this.

Mark Mukiya, India.

Spread the Gospel all over Nepal

I go to Nawajewan A.G church. I regularly listen to the Radio program Aasha ko Sandesh from shepherd F:M Chitwan. I felt real joy and Happy after listening this program.

Also I got chance to read The Word for Today from one of the Pastor. I am really Thankful to God and Message of Hope Nepal Team that’s you are using FM to spread the Gospel all over Nepal through the different means of media.

I found its content is very simple, easy and practical of all level of believers. Thank you and keep doing good work may God bless you all
Dinesh Praja, Makwanpur, Nepal

Touching Many Different Areas of Life

I distributed them [The Word for Today]  to other leaders with the hope that they read God’s Word daily.

Many of them found the book very helpful and you know, many people have various issues faced in life. This book touches many different areas of life which I am thankful to the Lord for!
Honiara, Solomon Islands

Spiritual Growth through The Word for Today

Tukai said “I gave 4 copies to four Church leaders. Each of the leaders found the book very interesting and motivating. One of the leaders commented that they have been missing out all the good things that are in the book. I can see the spiritual growth, motivation and determination of each of them.

But for me as a pastor, the book has really helped me. It has motivated and inspired my devotional prayer life and keep me on course.

What more can I say.. thank God for the book..”

Honiaia, Solomon Islands

Slowly Recovering, but Blessed

Mrs. Albertinha, is very grateful and feeling blessed by the delivery of God’s Word and prayers from Radio Voz for her. So many changes in her life. She used to be sickly but has slowly recovered.

A Pre-Believer

Rommy is a listener who has not yet accepted Jesus as the Lord but he feels that what we convey on Radio Voz is very appropriate and completely contradicts the customs of Timor Leste.

He called Radio Voz, and he was so excited to hear the truth of God’s Word. And influence his family and friends who like to follow the traditions that are misleading but are considered right to believe the truth of God’s Word.

He has not been able to let go of tradition and has not been able to accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Let us pray for this man so that he can make a definite decision to accept the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Receiving a Bible and Healing

In July Radio Voz received a welcome visit from two listeners. Melly and Fina witnessed to how God changed their lives as they listened to Radio Voz. They have both just come to know and accept Jesus and their Lord and Saviour.  They came to thank the team because they got to know Jesus through listening to Radio Voz and because Radio Voz is the medium that accompanies their daily life.

Mrs. Melly also testified about the healing she was experiencing at this time. She could only clearly see about 1 metre so she wanted to have surgery on her eyes. She asked for prayer. Thanks to this prayer, her eyesight returned to normal. She was incredibly grateful

They also needed a Bible and by chance we had a Bible in Tetun we could give her.

They also bless Radio with the few blessings they have.

The Blessing of Children

In 2020 Amali asked that they could have children, because for several years they had not been blessed with children. They had tried various things including going to traditional healers, going to traditional houses to ask for children and performing world rituals to have children. All without success.

He submitted a request via SMS to the Voz Crista program hosted by Rio. Rio and Amali prayed together. As a result, after 3 months his wife began to show signs of a pregnancy, and now the wife is nearing giving birth, so she feels grateful.

Amali was very grateful and thanked Radio Voz and the Voz Crista program. Thankful that his wife was able to give birth smoothly.


Received as a Gift

In this lockdown, I received this book from one of my brother.

I was searching for this type of book for a long time I am so happy when I found this book. This daily devotional book helps me to know more about the lord and reflect on myself. It is written in a very simple way so this is very easy for me to understand. I am so blessed by this book.

Thank you so much Message of Hope Nepal team for this wonderful devotional book. I pray to God to continue this type of ministry all over the nation.

Sajan Lama
Hetuda’s Pabitra Church, Nepal

Sharing The Word for Today in Nepal


I am a regular reader of ‘The Word for Today‘.

This devotion book is very interesting for people like us. Its simplicity is the major part which attracts more people towards it. I have started reading this book for the last few years from that day I never missed it. I am very much blessed to read this every morning and love to share with my church’s member and family members.

This book has become one of the supporters of our ministry as well. Similarly, this daily devotion helped members to grow more and more towards his presence. We are thankful for this ministry family.

Khotang, Eastern Nepal

Reaching Nepalese with Facebook


I’m regularly hearing The Word for Today from Facebook. I am really blessed that it covers up very practical everyday issues from a Biblical perspective. It is very simple and easy to understand so I am using this book in my ministry as well to encourage believers.

The day I started hearing that I was really blessed like it has been now daily routine to start my day from God Words. It also helps me to share God’s Word when I’m preaching and it also helps me to encourage my selves. I’m grateful to the team MOH Nepal who just doing great works.

Again, Thank Message of Hope Nepal who always helped me in my spiritual journey.

Rolpa, Nepal

COVID Isolation for a Pastor

Recently Pastor of the GPWC, Pastor Abraham Living Taning, entered the COVID-19 isolation room critically.

Radio Voz was told about this need and we were asked to pray.

Pastor Abraham Living is a pastor who is good friend of Radio Voz. Praise God after being prayed for from afar with all the GPWC congregation a week later his health condition gradually improved and is now recovering.

Doing Church During Lockdown

Radio Voz received more positive reactions from listeners. Especially to the Sunday morning service which we broadcast live from the Church during Timor-Leste’s lockdown.

It is evident from the many listeners who called in reacting that they were blessed with connecting to the live broadcast convention.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am happy to write here that I have reading this devotion book edition, The Word for Today from the month of March to April, 2021. It has really encouraging me. I happened to pick this edition 2020 from someone in our house, who placed it unattended and without reading it. But I took it for just an interest of local cover page.

After reading through, I now took it with me a help to my daily devotion, using what you have written in. I am really blessed with the word.

I am in support of your work and will support the work of the master soon.

Can I access other articles?

Honiara, Solomon Islands

YouTube Channel Makes it Easy


I go to Samdan Church Rupendehi.

I am a regular reader of ‘The Word for Today’ I used to read books before lockdown but during the lockdown, I came to know about the YouTube Channel of MoH Nepal after that it’s become very easy to listen to The Word of God every morning. In this book every day I relate to my life which best part of it, not only that every evening we use this daily devotional book in my family prayers to encourage each other. So we are really grateful to Message of Hope Nepal Team for this service in the Nepali community.

Thank you so much
Joseph Thapa Magar
Western Nepal

Source of Encouragement

I am grateful to Message of Hope Nepal for this wonderful media ministry. I really enjoying and blessed to read ‘The Word for Today’ every day.

This devotional book becomes one of the sources of encouragement in my life. I am a student so I don’t have much time to prepare the Word of God but from this devotional book, I encourage Christian youth in my circle. I belong to the Chaudhary community where fewer people are educated so the audio version of the daily devotional helps much to listen to all age groups in my community. So, every morning I share
YouTube links to my circle. I really thank you and pray to God for this ministry for sustainability.

Prasanna Chaudhary
Western Nepal

The Word for Today – Solomon Islands

A person from Rennel called on the phone yesterday and expressed his joy and excitement about TWFT.

Plus a pastor from GIPOL also called yesterday and expressed his joy and excitement about TWFT.

Thank You for the UCB Daily Word

HALLO UCB READERS SOLOMON ISLANDS AND UCB ASIA PACIFIC my daily reading and prayer helps me to have the stronger determination to activate my role as a companion regional leader of the Brother hood for my district companion leaders in Pele region Diocese of Temotu (DOT) in the Solomon Islands.

Johnson Minyina
Regional Companion Leader
Temotu Pele DOT

Listening at the Copra Buying Centre

Our UCB Solomon Island Board Chairman Coxwain sent in this report…
“I went to a Copra buying centre this morning and noticed a number of people standing there waiting to collect their payment. As I got closer, I heard familiar music played from the office which is connected to the outside speaker. Yes, its Laef FM 93.5!!
People enjoyed listening to the Radio while waiting to collect their copra money.
I asked one of the senior staff about the station and she said,..” we have been tuning into this station for months.”
Coxwain – Solomon Islands

Seghe Theological Seminary

Thanks to your generosity all 40 staff and students at Seghe Theological Seminary of the United Church in the Solomon Islands were each able to receive a copy of The Word for Today.

Armstrong Pitakagi, College Principal and Moderator elect of the United Church said they were “Wonderful books. Enriching our spiritualities”.

Dad now leads his family


Man in a Nepal StreetOur family was a Christian family and still learning to walk in Christian life but I don’t remember my dad praying and leading us in prayer.

When our church provided us The Word for Today daily devotion we slowly started to pray together. That’s was the time when my two brothers went abroad for a job. My mom, me and dad started to read daily devotion daily and pray together.

Before my dad was unable to pray by closing eyes and weak in spirit and after we started to feed on devotional message day by day change have been started and after a year of this devotion and fellowship my dad have been able to share his Becoming Christian Testimony.

On last month it was a great fruit of walking together with word of God. This devotion inspired me never to give up on whether I am sad, stressed, and unwilling to pray I used to read daily devotion with my family. which helps me to overcome those things and help them to grow more in God’s faithfulness. ‘’Never stop feeding on God’s Word you will rip the fruit’’

It took 35 year for my dad to stand before church. It’s never late to grow in God. Thank you, Message of Hope Nepal team, for this wonderful daily devotional Book ‘The Word for Today ‘for the nutritious Word of God for daily feeding.

Ratna – from the western part of Nepal

Sharing The Word for Today with friends

It’s me Anish Magar all the away from Dolakha, Nepal.

I used to go and do fellowship in Ashim Church, Bhaktapur.

First of all, I would like to give thanks to my friend Dirgha to share about this devotional book. After that time, I’m reading The Word for Today since 2 years and it taught me so many spiritual lessons. When I went to do house fellowship in my village, I use to share preaching from this devotional book.

Personally, I’m blessed to have this The Word for Today in my life. Sometimes, it’s hard to read Bible because of our busy schedule but we can hear The Word for Today from YouTube which is provided by Message of Hope Nepal team.

Thank you MOHN team for giving us such a wonderful gift.

A youth leader in Nepal loves The Word for Today

Street in KathmanduGreetings!!

I’m doing fellowship in Emmanuel Ecclesia Church as a youth leader. I have started hearing The Word for Today when I was in Grade 12th. Now, it’s been a long time I’m continuously listening and reading The Word for Today in my daily morning devotion with my family members. I’m also using The Word for Today in my youth fellowship to teach other young people.

I’m so blessed to have this devotional book in my life. This devotional book helps me a lot in my hard time and also helps to grow spiritually. I’m really grateful to the team MOH Nepal.

Thank you!
Prabin – Dang, Nepal

Impact in Asia

I would like to illustrate the way God uses Medialight’s holistic spirituality/media training with a recent development in the Philippines. Our parent non-profit Emerge Missions, funds a 10,000 child outreach to the poorest of Manila’s squatter communities on the Southside of town. Lockdowns have prevented the ministry from actually meeting with the kids all year. They were allowed to deliver life-sustaining food, but not to meet for discipleship, bible study, prayer or leadership development. The ministry is built on kids mentoring other kids younger than themselves so the strict lockdown mandates have become a major problem to the ministry.

Two years ago, we took one of their workers, Victor Luciano, to Medialight for training.  A few months ago, in Manila, he met with the other kids to decide how to tackle the problems being created by the lockdown requirements and they decided to launch an hour long TV show for Kids on Facebook! Visit their page here

I think they have done an amazing job with just a green screen, entry-level DSLR camera and a laptop! The actors and show hosts are all kids from the barrio with no previous training. Victor has taken his Medialight training and multiplied it by raising up a production team of kids to teach the Bible, cast a vision of a blessed life, and call barrio kids to repentance.  It’s one of the most inspiring things to happen in a long time, but its indicative of what many of our grads do after school.

I want to thank you on behalf of the 40 nations into which UCB Asia Pacific has sown trained leaders by supporting the onward development of Medialight as a regional training centre, churning out new leaders for the church as it faces the digital age.

Chuck Quinley
Founder Medialight

A blessing in Vanuatu

Good afternoon

I have started to read The Word for Today since 2020 and it helps me a lot in my daily life maintain and it supports my well being.

God bless

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When we think about things like COVID, the culture war or cancel culture, we get a healthy dose of realism. Dr. Kameel Majdali from ‘Understanding the Times’ believes it has never been more important for us to build God’s kingdom. He wants to help us gain insight into...

It Isn’t How You Start, But How You Finish

By: Pastor Greg Laurie In 2017 on New Year’s Eve in New York City, visitors to Times Square were encouraged to bring whatever they wanted out of their lives and throw it into a giant shredder. Some people shredded paper on which they had written unpleasant memories,...

Trusting God | Matt’s story

God doesn’t promise that life will be easy, but He does promise that He’ll carry us through it and that His plans for us are filled with hope. A couple share their journey from grief to joy. “I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their...

Making Peace with Unfulfilled Dreams

As a kid, you had big hopes and dreams for your life. And then, reality set it. In this Focus on the Family video Chrystal Evans Hurst shares how she had to place her aspirations aside first, as a teenage single mother, then again later in life when she became the...

Self Care is not Selfish

Self-care is important! It impacts our mental health as well as our overall well-being. By Bret and Kate Ryan - Focus on the Family Caring for ourselves is critical. We can’t give out of an empty well. If we’ve got no reserves, how can we be there for others?...

“Embracing My Past Helps me Share About Jesus”—Jesse

Jesse is a life coach—passionate about skateboarding and Jesus. We talked to him about his story and how he uses his past to change people’s future…

Christianity and the Problem of Evil

Why do Christians walk away from their faith? It’s hard to imagine how anyone could turn their back on the grace that God has given us.

Living in Purpose

By Author: Sabrina Peters When you hear the term ‘purpose’, what words come to mind? Success? Happiness? Meaning? Wealth? Marriage? Influence? Affluence? Talent? Relationships? As a Christian, I find my answer in God’s Word. Romans 12:1-2 (TM) puts it like this, “So,...

Christian Growth Comes Down to Daily Habits

By Laura Bennett Is there a way to measure your spiritual growth? Central to the Christian faith is a desire to become more Christ-like and see our lives reflect Jesus’ character, peace and intuition. But how do we know we’re getting any closer to that goal? It’s safe...
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