Pastor meets Jesus through Radio Voz

I have always seen this man as a success in the service of Radio Voz. Like I had reported a few months ago that Pastor Tomas knew Jesus through Radio Voz. This again he recounted how he first knew and accepted Jesus through the radio. He told this when we were doing the JLND leadership camp in Railaku on 20 October.

The audience did not expect that Pastor Thomas first knew Jesus through Radio Voz. Me and Melly as publishers who attended the event felt very happy. And at that time Tomas who is now a pastor again prayed for us as publishers who had preached the news of salvation for him.

Station Manager – Radio Voz

Asking for prayer for his wife

Joao Ambere is a listener who came to Radio Voz four years ago and at that time asked for prayers for his wife who was seriously ill. Praise God in less than four months his wife recovered. Even though it’s been a long time, a few days ago Joao called on the Voz Crista program to thank us for praying for his wife. This gratitude is focused not only because of healing but because of the knowledge of Jesus that freed them from the bondage of the devil and now their lives are entirely for God. Joao is currently active in the church at Assosiasaun da Luz.

Station Manager – Radio Voz

Katrine’s Wedding

Remember Katrine?
Katrine at the time of her engagement, she invited me to pray for them for the engagement and is now officially married in the church.
Feeling blessed with prayers at the time of the engagement, he again invited Radio Voz staff to participate in this wedding ceremony. Through Katrine and her husband, their family got to know Radio Voz more.

Here is the original tesitmony from Katrine

Station Manager – Radio Voz

Kornelio and Jina Leorema

Kornelio and Jina Leorema are a married couple and avid listeners on Radio Voz. They live in a mountainous area called Remisiu and Leorema. They decided to visit Radio Voz to see it live.

Another purpose of the visit was to ask for a chance to be given and give ideas to solve the problems they face. And asked to pray for them to continue their relationship as husband and wife because their relationship was having problems due to intervention from the family. And my team and I are committed to praying for them.

Station Manager – Radio Voz

Inspiration for you from…

Slow Down! (1)

‘Focus on this one thing.’ Philippians 3:13 NLT

We live in the day of multitasking. We talk on the phone while having lunch, read text messages while feeding the kids, and even hold multiple WhatsApp conversations at the same time.

Dr Richard Swenson says: ‘In some instances we are more productive… some people crochet while watching the news. And in certain jobs it’s considered necessary; clerks on the Stock Exchange floor are required to run around doing five things at once. But isn’t it bizarre that when a 48-year-old broker drops dead, his colleagues keep working around the lifeless body receiving CPR? The dramatic escalation of busyness has given us too much to do in a short time. The standard strategy… instead of refusing to take on more… is to do two, three, or four things at once. It’s an extension of the do-more-and-more-with-less-and-less philosophy. But someone forgot to do the math! By doing two things at once you divert 30% of your attention from the primary task; you sacrifice quality for quantity, which leads to more errors. You may end up finishing more tasks, but with poorer products and frazzled nerves. The downside of multitasking isn’t well-advertised… so we keep experimenting to see how far we can push the envelope. However, when it comes to relationships, multitasking can be disastrous. We don’t listen… it takes too much time. Families need focus… babies need what they need when they need it. You either parent them or you don’t. Paul didn’t live like that. He focused “on this one thing.”’

A dog has four feet, but it doesn’t try to walk down four roads! So slow down and establish a pace that’s sane and sustainable.

SoulFood: Josh 1, Ps 27:11–14, 2 Tim 2:1–13

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©

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