1/4 way into 2019

Apr 2, 2019

Papua New Guinea

Our team in PNG have just completed a week long Laifaton (on air appeal). And we are really, really proud of the whole team! They made banners, put up posters and arranged with the local Christian bookshops to accept donations on their behalf, plus all the effort that went into the on air components.
The budget showed a target of K12,000 for Laifaton. Forget that!! They received over double that plus a pledge of a further k10,000! (roughly divide by 2 for Aussie$)!
James 4:2 ends with the words “you do not have because you do not ask” – Okay this is quoting the Bible out of context and it is talking about asking God, but it is still a fundamental Fundraising principle – the best way to get a donation is to ask for one. – proven true by our great team up in PNG! Well done guys and girls.

And seconded by our Vision team here in Aus…

Last week Vision ran a 1 day on air appeal to raise money for the purchase of our new building to house our Australia-wide ministry.. Our ‘Bridging the Gap’ appeal was successful so we now (with help from a hefty mortgage) can complete the purchase. With the existing lease to run its course and then renovations to build the studios etc we are looking to move in in April/May next year.
UCB Asia Pacific will move in too. The new building isn’t far from Vision’s current location so moving won’t pose an inconvenience for our staff. On the plus side there’ll be more room, less corridors and more car parks – plus it won’t flood in heavy rain – but that’s another story.

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