The 460,000 square km of Papua New Guinea is said to be one of the least explored, culturally diverse and rural countries in the world – less that 20% of the population live in urban centres. There are places and people untouched by western civilisation with most people living in strong traditional social groups and leading a substance farming type lifestyle. It is a country rich in mineral deposits where there are new plant and animal species still to be discovered.

PNG is a relatively young nation as it wasn’t until 1975 (after 60 years of Australian administration) that it became an independent Commonwealth nation.

Amongst the 8.1 million people who call PNG home over 850 languages are spoken.

Laif FM

Since 2001 Laif FM has been broadcasting out of Wewak, provincial capital of the East Sepik, on the northern coast of PNG. In addition we have a high powered service in Lae and small stations in a growing number of sites right across PNG.

Over the years, and with help of other missionary teams, we have built a fantastic facility with studios, office and basic accommodation units in Wewak. We also have a great team of staff and volunteers serving the community through the radio broadcasts and distribution of The Word for Today.

The Word for Today

Papua New Guinea was the first Pacific nation outside of New Zealand and Australia where local edition of The Word for Today was available. Initially printed quarterly, 2020 saw The Word for Today transform into an annual book with 200 pages.

6,000 copies are available from UCB PNG or through the local Christian Books Melanesia chain of stores.

UCB Inspirational

Although this is presently off air until such time as we can get a new frequency allocated from NICTA, UCB Inspirational will be back broadcasting locally in Wewak as soon as possible. This station has a ‘gentler’ music format aimed at those who like listening to contemporary hymns and worship.

Our UCB PNG Team

Jonathan ‘Jones‘ and Issac ‘Iceman’ head up our team. But there are many more people involved. Volunteers help out on air, and across PNG missionaries and locals alike each play a part in seeing our mission expand.  For example in the Gulf region we have a number of stand alone stations being looked after by a local missionary. And, although we aren’t on air in Port Moresby yet, in the nearby town of Gabagaba a local gentleman is generously hosting a Laif FM station so his community can have Christian radio. 


To contact our UCB PNG team or for more information see their website

Or if you’re in PNG call them on 456-1416