We are currently working with established radio stations in the following countries

Message of Hope

Papua New Guinea
Laif FM

Laufou O Le Talalelei

Radio Voz

And we are working to help establish locally run youth-focused Christian radio stations in 

Cook Islands
Life fm

Life FM

Solomon Islands
Laif FM

Laef FM


While walking on the streets in Madang today, I sighted a guy with "The WORD FOR TODAY" booklet. I asked permission to glance through and did so. Asked him where he bought the booklet, and he told me that " It was at the Christian Book Shop" so I hurried there and got...

Finding God’s Peace

Mr. Laurindu heard about Radio Voz from one of our loyal listeners named Merry Audian. Mr Laurindu was experiencing many problems caused by his children so it was difficult to manage. Because he couldn't stand the problems he was in, he came to Radio Voz to share them...

Divine Wisdom and Provision

Firstly, I personally would like to thank my heavenly Father for His divine wisdom and provision to use this media in order to multiply or extended the Kingdom of God through His precious Word and devotional message. I so blessed to have it and hear it daily....


Jaimashi team of Message of Hope Nepal. Since one year I'm the regular listener of Message of Hope Nepal. In which day I heard about Message of Hope Nepal, from that day I use to listen "The Word for Today" which is broadcast from YouTube and Nepal Television every...

New Hope and Meaning

I am a regular reader of The Word for Today. Reading this book became one of the favorite things to do in the morning. This gives me new hope and meaning in my life. I am very much blessed by this program. Thank you Message of Hope Nepal for this opportunity. Shushila...

The Word for Today guides us

I used to read The Word for Today for many years. I thought that this is very useful and easy to understand for all levels of believers so I started to distribute it within the Youth Groups. Nowadays people don't want to study books they use social media to listen to...

3 text messages

Dear Laif fm, I am texting all the way from Madang. Not listening to fm cos no Laif fm in Madang but I have The WORD FOR TODAY. The book is so inspiring. We give praise to God.. ~George. Thank you UCB for the booklet The WORD FOR TODAY. May the grace of Jehovah...

Motivated and Blessed

Greetings, I am very much Thankful to you all of you, for your hard effort in such a difficult situation. The Word for Today is my daily capsule. I got motivated and blessed every morning through word of God shared by Message of Hope Nepal. And this book has become...

Hidden Truths

The Word for Today is the booklet I am blessed with daily because from it I discovered many hidden truth and I want to dig deeper more to find more treasures. Text Message - PNG

God and Grades

Junior Pingu is a year 12 student @ Brandi Secondary High School. He started reading The Word for Today in 2018. He says since then, he can't skip a day without reading. The encouragement & daily devotion is always guiding him in his studies & Christian faith....

Giving you trusted Christian radio…

…is right at the heart of our ministry.

Radio has the power to reach people where they are, in their homes or cars.

If you are alone alone and need hope, radio can get behind a closed door and speak the Word of God – right when it is needed most.

Radio can also be a fun companion, bringing the light and joy of an abundant life into your day.

So tune in, be inspired, encouraged and blessed as the music transforms the Word of God into melody and the teachers share gems of life from Scripture.

We are here 24/7 for you!

Who is Jesus?

…and why do you need to meet Him personally?

Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

So what does that mean for you today?