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We are currently working with established radio stations in the following countries

Jappri Group of stations – Click here

Message of Hope – Listen live
Message of Hope Website
Radio Chhimeki – Listen live

Papua New Guinea
Laif FM – Listen live
Laif FM Website

Edge Media – Listen live
Edge Media Website

Laufou O Le Talalelei Website

Radio Voz Website

And we are working to help establish locally run youth-focused Christian radio stations in

Cook Islands
Life FM Cook Islands Website

Life FM Fiji Website

Life Fm Nauru Website

Solomon Islands
Laef FM Solomon Islands Website

Laef FM Website

Finding Motivation

I am a regular listener of this daily The Word for Today. I work in a faith-based organization where we daily do devotion from this Book. We are glad to start our day after reading this devotional book with prayers. This motivates and encourages us in our daily life....

Helping families through The Word for Today

One woman shared about how The Word for Today is helping their family with their family devotion each day. They are using the booklet as their guide and they each take turns every morning to read through the daily verse and message provided by the TWFT. It has become...

Following and obeying Christ

I have been a Christian for quite a long time but along the way, I had experienced a number of challenges in my life. As a mother, I have to care for my family and home and as a Senior Nurse, I have to fulfill my duty at the hospital as a public servant. Life is a...

The Word for Today – Solomon Islands

A person from Rennel called on the phone yesterday and expressed his joy and excitement about TWFT. Plus a pastor from GIPOL also called yesterday and expressed his joy and excitement about TWFT.

Listening at the Copra Buying Centre

Our UCB Solomon Island Board Chairman Coxwain sent in this report... “I went to a Copra buying centre this morning and noticed a number of people standing there waiting to collect their payment. As I got closer, I heard familiar music played from the office which is...

Thank You for the UCB Daily Word

HALLO UCB READERS SOLOMON ISLANDS AND UCB ASIA PACIFIC my daily reading and prayer helps me to have the stronger determination to activate my role as a companion regional leader of the Brother hood for my district companion leaders in Pele region Diocese of Temotu...

Encouragement at an Engagement

Kathrine is a radio listener but rarely listens. But one day she heard the Voz Crista program in the prayer segment she was touched. Finally, we met on Facebook. Long story short, she asked me to attend her engagement ceremony and asked me to convey a short Verse of...

Reaching into India

Greetings, I am listening to ‘The Word for Today' daily devotion from YouTube also watching The Television program ‘The Reality’ from YouTube. Especially this daily devotion message really encourages us in our daily life to work with God. This daily devotion helps me...

Wonderful ministry in Timor-Leste

Pastor Elienae writes: "During the 17 years of Radio Voz ministry in Timor-Leste, this year 2020 has been one of the most fruitful of our radio ministry in this beloved country. Because of the COVID-19 situation, we intensified our ministry on air, specially praying...

Giving you free access to trusted Christian radio is right at the heart of our ministry.

Radio has the power to reach people where they are, in their homes or at work, walking or driving, in their good days and the bad.

For anyone alone and needing hope, radio can reach behind their closed door and speak the Word of God – right when it is needed most.

Radio can also be a fun companion, bringing the light and joy of an abundant life into your day.

So tune in, be inspired, encouraged and blessed as the music transforms the Word of God into melody and the teachers share gems of life from Scripture.

We are here 24/7 for you!

Who is Jesus?

…and why do you need to meet Him personally?

Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

So what does that mean for you today?

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