Our Team at UCB Media Philippines have 4 high-powered radio stations on air.

Called The Edge Radio Network, each station is independantly run but they share expertise and resources.

They come tgether under the brand Positively Pinoy – and Positively Pinoy is a way of life. They are proud Filipinos and unashamed followers of Jesus. They’re on a mission to love, serve, give and encourage their listeners to new heights as they strive to honor God in everything they do. 

Please pray, as they work to grow the influence of Trusted Christian media in the lives of the young people of the Philippines.

How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
By living according to Your Word. 
Psalm 119:9 NIV

To find out more, visit their website Edge Media

or download their free app search “Positively Pinoy” in your Appstore/GooglePlay

[email protected]

National HQ: UCB Media Philippines/+Positively Pinoy/Edge Radio Network/Word 4U Today

68 Ipil Street

Marikina Heights, Marikina City


Edge Davao Media Ministries

(In transition)

103.1 FM, Edge Strong South(Candelaria)

Balai Gethsemane Farm Resort

Malabanban Sur Candelaria, Quezon


92.7 FM, Edge Sibugay

2nd Flr. Ferraris Bldg.

Ferraris St., Poblacion Ipil

Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay 7001


101.5 FM, Edge Kidapawan 


Brgy. Lanao

Kidapawan City, Cotabato 9400

92.9 FM Edge Guihulgnan/Praise FM

React Building

City Proper

Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental 6214


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Latest News

Interview on Vision’s 20Twenty radio show

A recent Interview with our Projects Manager - Grant Kennedy on Vision's 20Twenty show. Vision's Andrew McLennan asked Grant about the work of UCB Asia Pacific and what has been happening lately.

The Word for Today for 2024

For 2024 we are excited to have added Kiribati and Tonga to the nations where The Word for Today is available. The full list is: Cook Islands Fiji Indonesia (Renungan Hari Ini in Indonesian) Kiribati Nauru Nepal (Nepalese) Papua New Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands...

Local broadcasts in Baucau

In 2019 we were privileged to help the Radio Voz team establish a number of stand-alone low-powered radio stations in the provincial capitals of Timor-Leste. Including a station in Baucau, the second largest city. Over the past 12 months they have been upgrading the...

Cook Islands App

Good News for the Cook Islands! The new UCB Cook Islands App has arrived!. Giving Cook Islanders around the world access to Life FM's Live Stream, a variety of inspirational podcasts, The Word for Today, and the Bible in Cook Island Maori (Bibilia Tapu) or English,...

Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 has struck Papua New Guinea early this morning. Only few details were immediately available but there is no threat of a tsunami. The earthquake, which struck at 3:04 a.m. local time on Monday, was centered in Chambri Lake, about 37...

Station Upgrades for Baucau & soon Vequeque

Dear UCB friends, Last Sunday afternoon we traveled to Baucau, and then to Viqueque, both Districts in the East side of Timor island, in order to install the new radio upgrade to the 100W Transmitter. In Baucau, the weather was really bad, but the Lord helped us and...

Hope for people fleeing the Ukraine

People fleeing their homes in the Ukraine have many urgent needs. One thing that God offers everyone is HOPE! and what better way to share this than through the reading of Scripture, or more specifically The Word for Today. Our sister ministry UCB Hungary asked for...

Around the World in 80 Words…

A quick update from around the nations where UCB Asia Pacific is working.

Bringing Hope and Helping Ukraine’s Refugees

This week we were able to help our brothers and sisters forced from their home country by the war in the Ukraine. Our sister ministry UCB Hungary is printing a special edition of The Word for Today and will be making it freely available to refugees across many part of...

Blessing for the people of Indonesia

Thanks to your prayerful donations the people of Indonesia have The Word for Today available in their own language. Pictured are leaders from Indonesia's JAPPRI community of Christian radio broadcasters, happy to each receive their copies. New for 2022, all the...

A Life Changed…

Courage through the Words

  I am Samjhana Nepal from Laltipur Nepal . Over a few months, I've had the honour of engaging with the transforming message presented in the book "Message of Hope Nepal ." The profound meaning included in its words has given me a tremendous sense of courage. I'm...

Hearing about God’s Word on TikTok

  We had a young woman named PAYA who was thirsty for the truth. She watches Tiktok that talks about God's Word. She looked for others to give hierunderstanding and to pray for her. Someone directed her to us at Radio Voz. She was finally able to come to Radio...

Teacher shares the The Word for Today

The following is a testimony from Jimmy our station manager who gave The Word for Today to his sister-in-law. We visited my sister in-laws place last weekend having a great time, out of the blue she thanked me again for giving her a copy of TWFT. She is a strong...

University Chaplain encourages students to read The Word for Today

My serving in the service of God with Solomon Islands National University commenced with Solomon Islands College of Higher Education right through when we become the University of Solomon islands. I know God has laid me into impacting many souls of our citizens of our...

A Long Awaited Return

  We received this amazing Testimony about a Chuch in Oecusse from Pastor Elienae at our Radio Voz team in Dili, Timor Leste. It is encouraging to hear how God's Church continues to thrive even after great persecution, God is Faithful! In 2010, a Church in...

Listening to local Radio led Tahal to Church

The following is a testimony from Tahal who began listening to the radio and this led him to visit a local Church. Greetings I am Tahal Bahadur Kahdka . I live in Koteshowr Kathmandu. I have never been to church before but after listening to the daily devotional...

Refreshed by The Word for Today

We received the following Testimony from one of the team. Taeasi. It is such a great reminder of how The Word for Today devotion encourages people and connects people to continue to spread the good news. I received a call last night from Mrs Siria Ngava. I had sent...

A Regular Listener of Radio Chimeki Butwal

The following testimony is from Anju in Butwal who is a regular listener to Radio Chimeki Greetings I am Anju Thapa, from Butwal. I am one of the regular listeners of Radio Chimeki Butwal. I am very thankful to the organizing team for providing us with this Christian...

Thankfulness and Appreciation

  Frank is a senior member and Congregation Treasurer at a Church in Honiara, Solomon Islands. On two separate occasions, he expressed his thankfulness and appreciation for The Word for Today. This is what he said in one of the occasions.. "Since the day I...

Touching Every Facet of Christian Life

  Before becoming Assistant Pastor at the Bethany SSEC Satellite church, Pastor Calvin was a Senior Police Officer who served with the Solomon Islands Royal Police Force for a number of years. He loves The Word for Today.  He said..."This devotional book not only...

Surendra is inspired by The Word for Today

The following is a testimony from Surendra who is a regular reader of The Word for Today in Saptari in the Eastern part of Nepal. Greetings, I am Surendra Raut originally from the Saptari Eastern part of Nepal. Recently I live in Lalitpur Nakkhudole. I am a regular...

Seeing God’s Calling in our work

  Here is a testimony from Lepani about seeing God's calling in his work and how God opened the right doors for him to be connected with a local Church in the Solomon Islands. Greetings in Jesus' Name from the Hapi (Happy) Isles, Solomon Islands. It is with great...