A Testament of Healing: How The Word for Today Guided Me Through Cancer

Feb 7, 2024

Woman healed from cancer holding the devotions

The following powerful testimony is from Tomu in Fiji…

A women shared about her journey since she started receiving, her copies back in 2021. She shared with me how God came through for her during her most difficult time since being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and how The Word for Today daily devotional was her guide each day reading from the words of each day and praying. She got completely healed from her cancer and has recovered fully thanking God for giving her another chance at life. She showed me the 4 copies of each year she’s kept since her first copy in 2021.

Station Manager
UCB Fiji

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Thank you for The Word for Today

Thank you so much for the copies of The Word for Today to our receptions desk, I confirm received 101 Books, Please note that donation will be done...