Shared Values

Shared Values

We place God FIRST

This is His mission, I am here to serve Him

We trust God’s WORD

Everything comes from Him


I am accountable and trustworthy

We SERVE others

I bring joy, passion and excellence

We love PEOPLE

I love to see God’s work in others


What I do and don’t do today
counts for eternity

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The Word for Today for Perisos staff

In February we distributed the devotional book The word for Today. I brought 2 boxes to Gipora who is a staff at the Perisos company and he...

Helping listener’s through a Tragedy

Fernada is a very active listener on Radio Voz. Whatever program is broadcast by the broadcaster he always participates. At first he was just a...

The Word for Today Changes Lives

In January our team in UCB PNG Lafi FM visited the Boram CIS. We were able to bless them with 3 bags of uncooked sagos and 2 plastics of dry fish....

Inspiration For His Sermons

Seorang pastor bernama Elias dari Pulau Atauro merasa sangat diberkati oleh Renungan harian ini. Kata pastor bahwa buku ini membantu dia untuk dia...

Obed from Oeccuse

Obed was an intern at Radio Voz in 2016. I remember well when the UCB team came to Dili in 2016 when Obed was practicing at our station. Before he...

Station Upgrades for Baucau & soon Vequeque

Dear UCB friends, Last Sunday afternoon we traveled to Baucau, and then to Viqueque, both Districts in the East side...

Hope for people fleeing the Ukraine

People fleeing their homes in the Ukraine have many urgent needs. One thing that God offers everyone is HOPE! and what...

Around the World in 80 Words…

A quick update from around the nations where UCB Asia Pacific is working.

Bringing Hope and Helping Ukraine’s Refugees

This week we were able to help our brothers and sisters forced from their home country by the war in the Ukraine. Our...

Blessing for the people of Indonesia

Thanks to your prayerful donations the people of Indonesia have The Word for Today available in their own language....