Distribution of The Word for Today in Timor-Leste

Jan 15, 2024

We love to hear about the people and organizations that The Word for Today is being shared with to bring encouragement and hope. So with the 2024 edition landing in Timor-Leste in early December, our team on the ground has been busy distributing this and Rio has provided us with the following testimonies…

On December 28, the IEVCTL Church held a Christmas celebration service with prisoners and prison officers. The opportunity for me to share the first book with the head or director of the prison as well as all the staff and prisoners. He and they accepted it with great joy. We distributed 500 copies that day to prisoners and guards.

testimonies from the distribution of the Word for Today

Pharmacy This is a pharmacy that always helps distribute this book to apathetic visitors and visitors to the Timor Plaza shopping center. And to the pharmacy employees, I taught them how to use this book.

This woman’s name is Marcia and she is a Korean language tutor. I assigned him to share this book with his students. Marcia is a Radio Voz listener who once came to Radio Voz and experienced problems and we prayed for her and now she is happy and sometimes I take her to church and give her the task of sharing God’s goodness and sharing this book with other people.


A child of God named Dulcio. He is very excited to share this book with his fellow students.

Campus Students

Gipora is a talented young man in the church and works at the Perissos company. He asked for some books he could share with his co-workers.

Hearing these testimonials should encourage us all to continue to be the good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, being faithful with this seed (The Word for Today) and sowing it and sharing it with the people that God brings into our path, and trusting God that He will bring forth the fruit, He will bring the growth in people’s lives. Our responsibility is to do our part, sharing it, and inviting people to support us in prayer and/or by donating. Looking forward to hearing more of these powerful testimonies.

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Thank you for The Word for Today

Thank you so much for the copies of The Word for Today to our receptions desk, I confirm received 101 Books, Please note that donation will be done...