New listeners and new readers in the Solomon Islands

May 14, 2020

It’s encouraging to hear about what the Lord does in the lives of those who just begun to tune into Laef FM 93.5 and also to those who accessed The Word for Today.

A Taxi Driver said yesterday morning that his Bible study group at Tuvaruhu is growing since they started having devotions and Bible study on The Word for Today. He was enthusiastic and happily expressed his heart that the devotional booklet with the radio programme have created the desire and excitement to his family members and the young people from his neighborhood. Actually he and his wife bought a portable radio receiver together with 2 boxes of AA batteries, just so they could tune in.

Their 13 year old son also testified on how God helped him through the devotional booklet on the radio programme the other evening. The Taxi Driver got a FM radio band expander yesterday morning so he could increase his car radio band to receive 93.5 FM.