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Jun 20, 2022

A young man checks out Laef FM after seeing the poster

We have recently been able to get our Honiara station back operating at full power. Here is an update from our Board Chairman Coxwain. He writes….

Thank God for His grace and faithfulness!

There are key people (leaders), who already locked into the Laef FM 93.5 as regular and keen listeners, even before the 300watts transmitter was installed.

On Thursday morning, after Bible Society board meeting, I asked an Anglican prominent leader if he tried Laef FM 93.5, to my surprise, he answered me plainly. “I am a regular listener of the station.” and he asked if I have posters that he could put up on the Church notice board. Yesterday afternoon, I brought him 3 A4 posters. He was very pleased.

Another Church leader, a Finance & Administration manager of SIBC told me that he is a regular listener of Laef FM 93.5. He tuned in the mornings and in the evenings listening to the messages each day.

The Director Of Finance Intelligent Unit of CBSI told me Tuesday previous week that he is a keen and regular listener to Laef FM 93.5. He strongly recommended that God’s Word must go out to people in various forms. I gave him 5 sample Car Stickers that day. He has 5 vehicles. Two land cruisers, two buses and a private car. He uses 4 vehicles as public transportation. He promotes the station through his vehicles.
Not only that but last week, I gave him 5 A4 Laef FM posters at his office. He is very happy with this and said that he will distribute 4 posters to his subordinates to promote Laef FM 93.5 in their respective areas and will use 1 at his own shop.

Taxi drivers are also faithful promoters of Laef FM 93.5. When the station is off air, they call and remind us about it.

Hopefully, many more people will be become regular and faithful listeners of Laef FM in the coming weeks and months ahead as the Lord touches their hearts. I believe, many people, in the eastern & central side of town are slowly tuning into Laef FM.
Solomon Islands.

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