Refreshed by The Word for Today

Jul 12, 2023

We received the following Testimony from one of the team. Taeasi. It is such a great reminder of how The Word for Today devotion encourages people and connects people to continue to spread the good news.

I received a call last night from Mrs Siria Ngava. I had sent her 8 boxes of The Word for Today 2023.  She has been depositing the proceeds in the BSP at Gizo.  She asked for more saying people are just so hungry for this book.  They find it so refreshing, encouraging and meets their spiritual needs.  I had mentioned to her the need for a Laef FM station and she has been looking around there.  She now asks me to go over and indicate where I think the station could be hosted.



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A Long Awaited Return

A Long Awaited Return

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