Asha from Kailai

Sep 12, 2022

My name is Asha Chaudhary, and I’m from Kailai in remote western Nepal. Grace Christian Church is where I attend. Aasha ko Sandesh was a radio program that I first learned about three years ago. But afterward, my sister gave me the opportunity to read the book ‘The Word for Today’. It makes me very glad to read this devotion daily. I have the chance to learn more about the Lord and, in particular, about how significant I am to Him and how I was made to reflect His glory thanks to this

In God’s timing, whatever we require is provided. We must have faith in him, knowing that he will grant our requests and keep his promises in due course. In order to meet our goals, we must consider not just our own needs but also those of others. God helps me when I’m in difficulties, therefore I put all my weaknesses in Him. God loves us so much that He commands us to love one another in return for the favours we give Him in return. For me, the word of the Lord is wisdom. I have been encouraged by this devotional’s guidance to pray to the Lord in order to succeed in everything, and I encourage others to read “The Word for Today.” I want to express my gratitude to Nepal for this beautiful service and its message of hope.

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