Laef FM comes to Taro

Oct 20, 2019

Bible Study

We had the privilege to bring Christian radio to the people of Taro in the Solomon Islands. This project went really smoothly -which was great. So thank you for your prayers of support!

The day we successfully turned Laef FM on, as we walked back to our hotel, people literally were coming out of their stores to say “thank you!”.

Grant and Alex

We were well looked after by Alex who arranged everything we needed and pulled together a great team of people to help.

The next day Alex borrowed a boat and took Ian and I up to a beautiful waterfall. It was a real treat to have a bit of explore time. Usually on these trips either something pops up, breaks, or we don’t have any way or time to explore beyond walking distance of our accommodation.


Taro is the Capital of the province of Choiseul in the Solomon Islands. It is a very small island of only 0.44km2 and home to about 500 people. The grass runway actually runs the full length of the island.

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