Prime Minister – Manasseh Sogavare

Dec 9, 2020

From Munda, Solomon Islands.

Effie, Dennis and PM Manasseh Sogavare

The annual Lagoon Festival started a few years ago as the Wickham Festival. It was named after Alick Wickham, a half-caste Solomon lad from Munda who entered and won an Australian swimming competition using the Roviana crawl swimming style. His technique was adopted in Australia and became known as The Australian Crawl and today is globally known as freestyle.


Alick is the great Uncle of Effie – seen here with today’s Prime Minister – Manasseh Sogavare who was in Munda for the Lagoon Festival. And yes that is a copy of The Word for Today he is holding.

Effie and Dennis are good friends of ours are are actively helping with both Laef FM and The Word for Today in and around Munda.


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