Our team at Radio Voz in Timor Leste have a new website – but that’s not what this story is about.

As part of their website we gave them The Word for Today – with each new devotional automatically publishing each day.  But for many Timorese English is a second language. So Rio, our station Manager, has taken on the task of translating and publishing each day in Tetun.

Now it is not only available on their website but the program is being aired on Radio Voz every day-  and already it has become a favourite with many listeners.

This is Ms. Lola, a member of Rio’s church, She always tunes in to The Word for Today program and takes notes about the important points and verses from God’s word. Rio says “Every Sunday at the end of the service Ms. Lola always shows me every topic and verse that she wrote when she listened to the radio program.”