Shared Values

Shared Values

We place God FIRST

This is His mission, I am here to serve Him

We trust God’s WORD

Everything comes from Him


I am accountable and trustworthy

We SERVE others

I bring joy, passion and excellence

We love PEOPLE

I love to see God’s work in others


What I do and don’t do today
counts for eternity

No Weapon!

Lindsay is a good friend of our ministry who works at Rhema Media in NZ. She sent the message below to all Rhema's Prayer supporters.  We thought...

Uncomfortable Christianity

C.S. Lewis once said - “As perhaps you know, I haven’t always been a Christian. I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of...

Who Am I? Part 2

As we continue to remind ourselves of who we are IN CHRIST... the following LIFE GIVING verses speak of all that we have and need is in Christ...

Queen Elizabeth II – A life well lived

A reflection on the life of service and faith of Queen Elizabeth II

Living out Faith in a Hostile World

You don’t have to look any further than the most recent headlines to see that we live in uncertain times. Many people think the world has never been...

Pastor meets Jesus through Radio Voz

I have always seen this man as a success in the service of Radio Voz. Like I had reported a few months ago that Pastor Tomas knew Jesus through...

Asking for prayer for his wife

Joao Ambere is a listener who came to Radio Voz four years ago and at that time asked for prayers for his wife who was seriously ill. Praise God in...

Katrine’s Wedding

Remember Katrine? Katrine at the time of her engagement, she invited me to pray for them for the engagement and is now officially married in the...

Kornelio and Jina Leorema

Kornelio and Jina Leorema are a married couple and avid listeners on Radio Voz. They live in a mountainous area called Remisiu and Leorema. They...

Servant of God Erni and his Family

Erni is a servant of God who pastors a small church in Dili. He is very grateful because in Timor Leste there is a Christian Radio station. In his...

Hope for people fleeing the Ukraine

People fleeing their homes in the Ukraine have many urgent needs. One thing that God offers everyone is HOPE! and what...

Around the World in 80 Words…

A quick update from around the nations where UCB Asia Pacific is working.

Bringing Hope and Helping Ukraine’s Refugees

This week we were able to help our brothers and sisters forced from their home country by the war in the Ukraine. Our...

Blessing for the people of Indonesia

Thanks to your prayerful donations the people of Indonesia have The Word for Today available in their own language....

The Word for Today for 2022

We are excited to let you know that all the 2022 editions of The Word for Today are on their way to their various...
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