Oct 19, 2018


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An update on what has been happening…

Rudy is just back from a couple of weeks with our team in Timor Leste. He ran the Radio Voz team through the Media a Power for Good video training. He even arranged a live video hook up with John Fabrin (the series presenter) for questions and answers. During his visit he also put a new standalone station on at Ainaro – about 5 hours’ drive from Dili – and fixed up a couple of the other stations that were experiencing technical difficulties.

Ian and Grant were recently in Vanuatu where we signed a new affiliate agreement with the leadership of the Vanuatu Christian Council. We believe the new agreement will pave the way for even greater things to be achieved in Christian broadcasting in the nation. We were also able to put on two new standalone (solar) stations during our visit and restore one other.

We’ve invested heavily into Papua New Guinea in 2018 with new transmission equipment (with help from our friends at Reach Beyond), visits and new stations. But it is not without its problems with one transmitter failing right “out of the box”. We are still trying to resolve this. The good news is that between us, Christian Books Melanesia and Tropic Print we’ve just printed 7,000 copies of the Nov, Dec, Jan edition of The Word for Today! And Laif FM is back broadcasting loud and clear regionally.

Nov 13-16 is Vision Christian Media in Australia’s Visionathon –which is important because Vision is where pretty much all UCB Asia Pacific’s funding comes from.


You are invited to pray for each UCB group daily – as a suggestion…
Monday – Samoa and Timor-Leste
Tuesday – Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea
Wednesday – Fiji & Nepal
Thursday – Solomons and Vanuatu
Friday – Philippines, Thailand and new opportunities

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