Visionathon & Papua New Guinea

Nov 15, 2018

Visionathon & Papua New Guinea

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Right now Vision Christian Media (our parent ministry) are in the middle of the Visionathon Fundraiser. The run these events twice a year and the theme of this one is BRINGING LIFE & DREAMING BIGGER

We are hearing hundreds of wonderful testimonies from our supporters about the way that God is using the different aspects of Vision’s ministry to speak into their lives and make a difference. A big part of the “appeal” process is talking with the callers and asking them How God has used Vision in their life and is there anything we can be praying for.
Jason from NSW says The Lord feeds me greatly through The Word for Today, and Radio Podcasts
Esmay from QLD says Thank you Vision for encouraging me to keep trusting in God through all the trials and tribulation we face and believing that Jesus Christ is Lord, He is the same has yesterday today and forever Amen.
Ben from WA says I became a Christian because I listened to vision radio, especially enjoyed focus in the family.

Papua New Guinea
Next week Grant and Roly (our semi-retired, tech mate) fly up to PNG to try and resolve a couple of ongoing technical issues. While most of our low-powered ‘radio in a bilum’ stations tick along quite happily there are a few that have been a problem since the beginning. Our station in Lae is one of those! So we are bypassing the 15watt kit and have invested in a folded dipole aerial and 100Watt transmitter – after all Lae is the second biggest city in PNG.

We also plan to sort out the problems with UCB inspirational in Wewak as our brand new GC transmitter has played up from day one – so we’ll put in one we know works.

We heard of a team from YWAM visiting the western province region next month so we’ve been printing posters and programme guides for them to take and distribute to our friends up there.

We’ve also heard that more progress has been made on our buildings in both Honiara and Munda since our visit earlier this year. Haven’t seen the pictures yet though.

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