Adding Drama to your Stories

Sep 11, 2023

I recently read an email talking about the need for fundraisers to have a ‘flair for drama’ in their story telling.

It is true: “I was struggling and now God has blessed me” is not an exciting and impactful story.

You need to apply good writing (or interviewing) skills to craft and build the story.  It needs the ‘I was struggling with loneliness. I thought even God had abandoned me, but then I heard the lyrics of the song saying … it spoke deep into my heart, I felt the brokenness being lifted…” Ok, you get the idea, it is the same story but with drama.

BUT – two very important things to keep front and centre when you are doing this.

  1. God is the hero of every story. Not you, your radio station/ministry or anything else. You are now, and always will be, telling the story of God’s grace, redemption, healing, and transformation. You/your ministry just happens to be the vessel He used this time – and that is an absolute privilege.
  2. Don’t lie!  The truth is always enough. Don’t fall into the trap of pursuing the “dramatic” in a story that you overstep the ‘100% truth’. That will kill your credibility and people’s trust. The truth is always enough.

Stories (or testimonies) are powerful tools if told right.  The 3 key elements are:

  1. Set the scene
  2. Tell the journey
  3. ‘But then God…’

And if you want a 4th element it is this.

  1. End by thanking your donors/supporters that they were part of this person’s story of God’s goodness.

I hope this gives you some food for thought with your fundraising messages this week.



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