To Get Better at What You Do…

Mar 17, 2022

Invest your time wisely.

When it comes to the way we eat, we don’t sit down on the first day of the month and eat the entire month’s food in one sitting.  No, we have a little bite often – usually 3 meals a day with an extra coffee or two and perhaps a snack thrown in. And we actually have structured meal time. If you like, you have an appointment with a plate of food each morning, noon and evening.

When it comes to our personal learning and growing for our ministry role, the way we eat food is an important analogy.

I don’t believe we can attend one management conference and expect that it will make us effective leaders. That’d be like eating just one meal for the month.

I encourage you to be deliberate and plan your week so you are getting regular snacks (and meals) of good “food”. The way to do it is to add it into your calendar like you would any other important meeting, Set aside time to:

  • Read email from industry leaders – First you need to sign up to receive their weekly/daily emails
  • Attend at least one webinar every month
  • Listen to, or watch one podcast each week

There are a lot of opinions out there so make sure you pick people who actually have valid credentials. Here are a couple of site I highly recommend:

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