Demonstrate Generosity

Oct 31, 2022

Bible Study

Did you know that one way your radio ministry can raise funds, is by being generous!

Now that doesn’t make sense… or does it?

Let me explain how you can demonstrate generosity like this…

Vision Christian Radio runs two on air fundraisers for its own ministry each year. But over and above those events, there are specific times when it gives away radio time to other ministries.

Now let me add in a warning here; you have to be wise. After all you don’t want to be constantly asking your listeners to give to the next charity. You risk losing all your listeners!  To protect itself, Vision has developed a set of guidelines about when ministries can (and can’t) ask for money, and how they can do it. And even though Vision sells radio sponsorship spots, and is a registered charity funded 80% by the gifts of its donors, there are times when it gives away its radio air time and production skills.

For example, each year the whole radio station is geared towards helping CBM’s Miracles Day. CBM has its own call centre to receive calls but from 6am – 6pm Vision’s radio station (and Vision’s website) are telling listeners that $33 will give someone the gift of sight.

That’s Generous!

That isn’t the only generous thing Vision does but, as I said before, it is well thought (and prayed) about. For example Miracles Day is held nowhere near Vision’s own appeal dates. In fact something like 6 weeks out from Visions on air appeal is a “no go” zone for other ministries to solicit for funds.

Being generous can be as simple as an interview, giving away an advertising schedule or it could be a big Miracles Day style event.

There’s one more, very good, reason to demonstrate generosity in your ministry.  God says! Here are a few examples from Psalms and Proverbs.

…the righteous give generously; Psalm 37:21 NIV

They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be a blessing. Psalm 37:26 NIV

Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice. Psalm 112:5 NIV

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25 NIV

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9 NIV

So in the crazy upside-down world of God’s economy, it’s not the poor or the rich, it is the generous He blesses with good things.

So why not look at your calendar, find a good date and make an offer to a local charity to do something generous for them.

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